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Does anyone have opions on savella?
Rosalenna posted:
I was just given a two week starter pack and I was wondering if anyone has had success with it? Or are the side effects too extreme to stay on it. I just want to find some relief and this is the next step my Dr is willing to take, he says he knows this is a lifetime battle and there are not that many med options at this time. I know it's been a long time since I first entered a discussion, I have been reading everyone's posts it's just been a very rough time. I hope things will continue level for awhile.
tlp2815 responded:
Honestly, I could not tolerate the Savella. I took it for 3 days and was incredibly sick with bad side effects- dizziness, vomiting, nausea, sweating, weird dreams and terrible headache. For me, it was not worth it. I took the 12.5mg the 1st night as instructed then in the am and then went up to the 25mg. Waayyy to much for me. I called my dr and discontinued it. I then tried another med and it did nothing for me. Im back to Lyrica which sometimes works for me and sometimes doesnt. You are correct- this is a battle for us. Trial and error and meds work differently for some people. If you want to give the Savella a try go ahead, maybe you can tolerate it but I would recommend doing it over a weekend in case you are sick. Good luck!
MaMaTwig responded:
I have been on Savella since March, and it was the best decision I ever made, I started on 12.5 mg for one week, then 25mg for a week, and now I take 25mg twice a day.....this is the best I have ever felt, It upset my stomach for the first 2 weeks, but I kept taking it because after the first week, I noticed a difference....but PLEASE remember we are all different when it comes to medicine and what works for one might not work for another. But since taking the Savella, I am able to manage the pain much better, and my energy is much better...I have been able to do things that I couldn't do for years...I still PACE myself.....but it was honestly a life saver for me.....I still excercise..I use an eliptical machine 5 days a week, it was hard to start excercising again, I started out slow, and then kept progressing....I also take many vitamins. I basically decided on my own to stop taking all of the medication my PCP had me on, it was a hard road, but well worth it.
My Rheumatologist suggested the Savella, and since I have basically tried everything out there, I said Why Not...and I am glad I did....GOOD LUCK TO YOU.......
MaryinMt responded:
I would suggest you try it for yourself , each person is different. I am doing well on 50mg twice a day. I am able to maintain a desk job and work full time because of this medicine. I have had some sweats off and on but it is worth it. Wish you luck.
Signing off with tender hugs , caring thoughts and well wishes.
Weezie6452 responded:
I tried it a few years ago but it didn't suit me. However it is a wonder drug for so many people that you should give it a try.

Probably the biggest advice would be to start slowly. The starter titration kit can be too fast for many people. My doctor gave me 3 of them so that I could stretch it out that much longer. (She even had me cut the first pill in 1/2 for 5 days.) It will also make it easier for you to tell if you hit a dose that is too much for you.

Good luck, I hope it works well for you.

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