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Face shocks
HelplessHope posted:
Does anyone get facial shocks with movement?
booch007 responded:
No I don't but it sounds like you are having issues with the facial nerve which runs over the ear to the face. Like branch to the forehead, one to the eyelid, one to the cheek (upper) and one the the lower.......

The neck muscles can get this impinged...I have many nerve involvements and warming the muscles and massage helps so much.

Let the doc know but try the massage of the area of the scalp, above the ear and facial area and neck.

This is some challenge we work with!...Good luck, Nancy B
HelplessHope replied to booch007's response:
I told Dr yesteday and he is sending me for brain mri.
thenikki64 replied to HelplessHope's response:
I do not have facial twinges, but because of some neck issues, I will have sharp twinges from time to time in my neck with movement. If they don't find any reason for this, talk to your pain management doctor and consider acupuncture. I know, it is a bit out there, but it really helped the facial pain I was having. Take care!
Pam in Savannah

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