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jennylynn84 posted:
Has anyone had LASIK done? I was saving for this, as I've recently developed an intolerance to contact lenses and HATE wearing glasses (among other things they give me headaches from the "squeezing" of my head - even though they are very loose).

But now I've got loved ones telling me I'll end up in a lot of pain if I do this surgery.
booch007 responded:
Yes I had it done......I went from 20/400 vision to 20/30!

I have little side effect. Be sure they are a center that does alot. My surgeon is the corneal transplant surgeon for our hospital. He did a very good job.

I have some eye sensitivity if I wipe my lids wrong. No halos to lights no issues really. I am now tending to 2.5 reading glasses and still wear glasses for the reading of EKG's clearly...I have stigmatisms, irregular surfaces on the cornea.

Would I do it again....absolutely. FIRST time I saw my feet clear in my whole life!

Good luck. Nancy B
thenikki64 responded:
I also had it done by an ophthalmologist who does all of our local military pilots, point being be sure to find a great doctor! Like Nancy I also need glasses for reading, and my right eye could stand a revision. I do need glasses for large distances. For about 4 hours after the surgery I was painful. My eyes watered so much I was worried about getting dehydrated! No pain after that,it heals very quickly.

I say go for it. I know many people who have had Lasik and would do it again without a second thought.
Pam in Savannah
booch007 replied to thenikki64's response:
To add: after the procedure they put contact lenses over the cornea so I wouldn't have tearing. I used 3 different drops to help it heal and saw him on day 3 day 7 and once a week til he felt it was time to remove the I didn't didn't have tearing.

See how they are all different. I also have to say my doc made a flap of my cornea....he moved that back LASIK the underlying raise...and then flipped it back to settle and be I healed fast. It was a long time ago...when they first invented this.

I am sure things have chnaged in how they do it, that was why I didn't share my procedure. Good luck. Money WELL spent in (my eyes...*) no pun intended!. Nancy B
jennylynn84 replied to booch007's response:
Thanks guys! I'm looking into getting a referral to get a doctor to take a good look at my eyes and make sure I don't have any of the conditions I discovered that tend to cause contact lens intolerance (and that have to be specifically checked for apparently) because I don't want to needlessly go through surgery.

It hadn't even occurred to me that the Fibro might cause a problem (as if it ever won't cause one) until it was pointed out to me that this could land me in a lot of pain if I get any of the dry eye side effects, etc.

(And there are some horror stories out there!)

My fibro is fairly mild though and its only sometimes (like now) that I start taking lots of meds for it because it flares up.

I'm overdue for a visit to the rheumy, so I'll check with her as well.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to jennylynn84's response:
Hi Jennylynn,

There is more than one kind of laser surgery for improving your vision. Click on the following for some basic info:

Laser Eye Surgery Slideshow

And if you have questions, I encourage you to post on our Eye Health Community .

Good luck with it!
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