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trouble sleeping
Sleepy357 posted:
New to discussions. I am coming off all sleeping meds since they weren't working well anyway. I have not taken ambien for a week, but I did use other aids. Thursday day I went without anything and woke up frequently. Last night my mind kept racing and I finally got up at 2:00 and took xanax. There has got to be a way to get sleep. I know all the normal tips: bed only for sleeping and sex, no ambient light, blah blah blah. I know if I don't sleep well, fibro pain will be worse. BTW, I can't take any HRT since I am a breast cancer survivor also. That was the original reason for the perscription sleep aids anyway. Any answers?
xperky responded:
I share your problems with sleeping. Perhaps you can try ambien every other night, then cut them in half, every other night, then try every third night, etc. They might be handy to keep for occasional use. I hate having trouble sleeping. It seems to be a common thread among FM sufferers.
With Compassion,
annette030 responded:
I started using ambien about 16 years ago because a pharmacist found some research on it that showed it helped with FMS. I personally think that the improved sleep decreases my pain levels.

I have used it nightly since, with the exception of about two weeks a few years back when my son was deployed overseas. I was so worried that it did not help me sleep at all then. I tried going without anything, and by trying various other RX sleep aids. I had horrible side effects or simply did not sleep. My doctor went back to the ambien and increased the dose by half. I also do all the other things you suggested, and also get in my hot tub every night before bed.

It is still better than doing without by far. I am very careful about not driving within ten or twelve hours of taking it, have not experienced sleep eating, etc. If I had to work in the morning, I might reconsider, but would probably just take it earlier. I get no hang over.

If you find a way to sleep au natural please let me know.

Take care, Annette
fibrofran17 responded:
Hi Sleepy, me too! I heard all the hype about melatonin and didn't try it BUT finally I did and it works great for me. it's on my list of 5 fibro miracle aids lol. I take 3mgs about 3 hours before I go to sleep and I sleep all night (except for the bathroom trips). It's natural, harmless, doesn't interact with anything I can research so give it a try, good luck fibrofran

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