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Feeling sorry
kaileysmommy60906 posted:
I hate that I feel sorry for myself and just want to cry. I have fibromyalgia and having a really bad day. I'll be 20 next month and have had this for almost 7 yrs. I have a little one she will just now be 1 yr old next month too. We've already been in the toddler stage, I hurt so damn bad it's hard enough to be motivated to clean, cook, do laundry etc because of pain but she makes it tough with her going right behind me undoing what i just did. I would NOT change having a child for anything in the world. My boyfriend hardly helps with anything although he does work and i do not. yet i go to school full time. I can hardly type my arms hurt. everything hurts. i just feel like lying in bed all day and cry. is there Anyone else that knows what im going through with children and all the other stuff on top and trying to cope with it and without enough meds. my doc doesn't think i hurt enough to have any higher doses of anything. i cant afford a different doc.
jennagale76 responded:
I'm sorry you feel so terrible. There are a lot of people in the community that can relate. I have 4 yo twins, and when they were little like that, it was SOOOOO hard! Now of course they can do so much for themselves, and it really helps a lot. There were days when I couldn't lift their little bodies at all, it was terrible. It will get better as she gets bigger, I promise.
I'm feeling sorry for myself today too, everything hurts, even my face. I need to go get an injection in my neck, but my Dr. is far away so it's just not an option. Not having sufficient pain relief is a nightmare that I can relate to. try to take it easy and use some muscle rub, heat, etc. Good luck~ (((gentle hugs)))
Buds50 replied to jennagale76's response:
Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
kaileysmommy60906 replied to jennagale76's response:
Thanks i'm sorry you feel bad too. I'm glad I'm not the only one, I know I'm not I just feel like it alot of the time! The muscle rubs don't seem to help me =/ But I hope it helps you, do you have any kind of meds that can help you?
booch007 replied to kaileysmommy60906's response:
Good morning Kaleysmommy,

This is a rough time for sure. I as a grand parent of 2 can say they are a trigger for more pain and I am with them once a week. I am alot older then you, but we have a similar road of pain.

Look in resources to the right for THE MEMBERS TOOLBOX. See all the meds and different things we do to feel better.

Be sure to be eating as pure as you can to get chemical crap from the system. In caring for the baby.....start thinking about how* you lift her and if you must. Do things on the floor.

One thing I learned on my own FAST was. ARMS STAY HOME* and DR P here repeated that and I was so glad to see I was right for all of us. In saying that, when you do things keep your elbows in toward your body. The strain on the neck muscles and arms is greatly lessened. It has helped me alot.

Each time I am with the kids i think of how I am doing things now. Many times though it is spontaneous and I get in trouble.

I feel for you. The greatest thing is to be a parent and caregiver ot another life....

For the house, I find I feel better when it is organised and straight. Maybe dusty here and there...but straight. See if you can use motrin to help the pain (sounds like you are on nothing) I used that for years. Premedicate before you do your housework and then time it to rest with the baby at nap time.

Using heating pads and thermacare shower to release and relax the muscles. I am so sorry you are dealing with this.

It should be only for the older is unfair and sad for someone so young to have this mess to deal with.

Good luck. I just feel so bad..........NancyB

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