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Help for dry skin
missshortyd posted:
Hi Fmily
My skin has become so dry lately and I have tried everything.
Can any one give me some suggestions please.
jennagale76 responded:
It can be messy, but I use olive oil.
SimoneSilvestrin responded:
Hi dear,

get any body cream and add grape oil to it.
You can add Junipers Essence oil or lavender or Ylang Ylang.
The farmacist will help you with the blend.
Mix very well and enjoy it!
I like Avon Naturals line.
xperky responded:
My dermatologist recommended Cetaphil Cream, the jar version. It is great. I also like Neutrogena dry skin cream, in the small tube, and it heals my hands after yard work or exposure to cleansers. A little goes a long way with either of these and they come in unscented versions. Of course, apply right after toweling off after a shower, while your skin is still damp.
With Compassion,
missshortyd replied to xperky's response:
Thanks !!!!! : )
debrabrooks1960 responded:
Dear Linda,

Be sure to drink plenty of water or other fluids. Also you can go to a Heath food store and ask for a liquid fish oil with Omega 3 and 6. start with a very small amount in a glass of orange juice and drink it. Add a little more each day until you are at the recommended level. The level should be on the bottle or the person at the health food store can tell you.You will be amazed how soft you skin will be. Plus the fish oil has a ton of other health benefits. It really helped me.

Soft hugs, Debbie
Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
xperky replied to missshortyd's response:
Oh, and I remembered something else while showering today - I switched from liquid cleansers to Dove bar and have much less itchy skin. Also Lubriderm cleanser is nice for washing my face at the sink. All these changes have really helped me. I hope they help you and others.

Interesting tidbit about fish oil. It seems to have lots of benefits!
With Compassion,

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