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Family not believing
gdsjoy posted:
I have a blog where I have included a fibro journal on it. I am at the point where I need to talk about how people...mostly family, did not believe me. I'm still not sure if that has changed to be honest. I don't want to post about that and risk upsetting any of them. Would anyone want to guest post about that?
My blog is

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SimoneSilvestrin responded:
My family kind of believe I have something, but they think it?s just a matter of lack of attitude. After 12 years they don?t know why I?m tired, overweighed, tired, fogged and forgetful. When I lose patience I?m hard tempered. And if I go to doctors, therapists and so on or take medicines I?m exagerating. My husband is very patient although he doesn?t understand. He is very supportive. So, overall, the only people that support are the depressed and FM ones.
gdsjoy replied to SimoneSilvestrin's response:
Sounds like some people I know. The spouses and families of loved ones with FMS need a support group to educate them on what is really going on.

My parents have "over" supported me, to the extent where they are telling me to try something new every week. I can't even count how many books about fms and pain, and cfs I have. But they have good intentions, just over bearing sometimes.

My hubby had cancer back in 2001 so he knows what it feels like to hurt like that and have no energy. He says cancer was easier because it didn't last as long.

My brother and his wife, and my sister and her hubby, and my best friend, all thought I was faking, lazy, I don't know what all and why. But I can't post that on my blog. I have fogiven, and sometimes have to re-forgive them and our relationships are good right now.

Would you be interested in writing a blog entry in more detail about your support and lack of support? Things that were good that helped, things that hurt?
katmandulou responded:
My "vote" isn't there: Most people I know are supportive, and a few think I'm making it up.
gdsjoy responded:
If you are even considering sharing your story, check out my blog. Today's entry is about this topic.

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