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    Does anyone else get red eyes when in a flare?
    clkwc1964 posted:
    Hey FMily,

    When I am in a flare which I am at this point my eyes get red and a little goopy. Does anyone else have this symptom and do you know what causes this? Cat:0)
    An_247438 responded:
    Good morning,
    I get red and goopy eyes too and talked to the eye doctor about it. She told me its caused by allergies and prescribed eye drops. I think when my allergies act up it also makes the fibromyalgia worse. Warm moist compresses were also recommended and seem to help a little. Good luck to you. Gabuschka
    clkwc1964 replied to An_247438's response:
    I don't have any allergies though. In fact the redness and goopiness is very brief and usually just the day I feel the worst. Really glad of this though. Cat:0)
    gabuschka replied to clkwc1964's response:
    Very interesting. I am glad you shared that with me. I didn't agree with the allergy theory 100 percent when the eye doctor gave me the diagnosis. Have you found anything yet to help with the eye problem? the prescribed drops and warm compresses are not exactly taking care of this problem. Have a good night. gqbuschka
    xperky responded:
    Dry eyes are a pretty common symptom with FM. Severe dry eyes, mouth and vagina can be symptoms of an autoimmune disease called Sjogren's which there are tests for. Dry, red eyes can also accompany RA.

    I have tried those expensive prescription drops called Restasis and have not yet decided if they help or not. I get good relief with otc drops "for severe dry eyes." I like Bion Tears, Blink and TheraTears the best so far. I use them during the night, after a shower, before bed, first thing in the morning, and during the day if needed. Avoid using the drops that get the redness out, as they can be habit forming.

    Years ago I was also diagnosed with allergy eyes since I have allergies too. Those antihistamine drops help during an allergy flareup, but they don't help me much for the continuous dry eyes.
    With Compassion,
    annette030 replied to xperky's response:
    Try Genteal eye gel. It stays in the eye longer than drops do. My vet suggested it for my dog, but it is a people medicine, OTC. It is like using artificial tears.

    I don't have dry eyes at all, FMS flare or not.

    Take care, Annette
    gabuschka replied to xperky's response:
    Good morning, I am not sure if this dry eye info was meant for me or if it was a reply to the person who started the discussion. In fibro fog and can't figure it out. Maybe you can let me know if I am doing it wrong so it won't happen again (as long as I can remember it the next time around). I just signed up with this community and am still trying to figure out how it all works.
    Margaret, thanks for the detailed dry eye information. I was tested for RA and relieved to find out I just have Osteoarthritis. Heard of Sjogren's but don't know if I can convince my doctor to test me for it. I am going to try the otc drops you mentioned. My rheumatologist also recommended the GenTeal in 2005 but I I forgot about that until it was now mentioned (by the next person in this discussion). I faintly remember they work well and am not sure why I ever stopped using them. Oh well, Have a great day and thanks for the excellent advise. Gabuschka
    clkwc1964 replied to gabuschka's response:
    Well that explains why my eyes are dry a good bit of the time. I use plain old rewetting drops though cause I also wears contact lenses and this seems to help me quite a bit./ The red eyes and goopiness though are rare for me and it only happens when I am feeling extremely bad. Thanks for all the great advice though. Cat:0)
    clkwc1964 replied to gabuschka's response:

    No it usually resolves as quickly as it started for me. It comes on the day I feel the worst and is usually gone by the next day or so. Never lasts more than 2 days with no treatment at all for me. Allergies are very common though but fortunately I have never really suffered from any allergies. I do have sensitivities to meds - for instance I can hardly take any muscle relaxers they make me itch intensely. If I were you I might seek out another doctor if you cannot resolve the problem. The drops and compresses should have resolved the issue. Is it a long term ongoing issue? Cat:0)

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