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Burny pains in lower arms
fitzgift posted:
Anyone else have this today it is really bad . I am on Lyrica but it only helps so long then this returns again
booch007 responded:
Good morning. My burning pain is when the nerves are involved and entraped from above. So when my hands are burning and are numb at times, it is due to the area right in front of the arm pit...also the back site as well. Massaging that helps.

I can trace that painful nerve totally up the arm. Cripes...tender.

Warming the muscles there and massage has helped, but the main therapy I get is trigger point injections. It fixes it for quite a bit. My neurologist does it.

I hope you can calm it down a bit. This is such a challenging mess we are in.

Don't forget that book I use, FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain: a suvival manual by; Dr Devin is such a good tool to see* what is making the symptom.

Good luck, NAncy B
Randm2220 responded:

I get the burning pain in forearms and my wrists. I am on lyrica and cymbalta. They make it not so bad, but I still have it.

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