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recovering alocholic with Fibromyalic like pain
jacktgolf posted:
Hi, I quite drinking alchol about 5 months ago cold turkey following a 40+ year carrer of drinking.
I am sober. Over the last 3 months slowly I have had more and more pain in my musles joints etc. and feeling weaker the normal.
I am eating right, gained 20+pounds which I so needed, doing normal thing around the house. Nothing that sould be driving this pain.

Last night, a friend and I, who is about 4 months into soberity, where talking at a AA meeting and we discussed that both of us had this pain, woke up in the morning sluggish to say the least and just run out of energy.
Many of fibromyagia symptoms met how we feel but we do not drink NOW.
Is this normal. Is this just a flare. any thoughts. thanks
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Jacktgolf and welcome to WebMD,

Congratulations on your sobriety!

While you're waiting for responses here (and keep checking back as it may take until next weekend to hear back from our expert) try also posting on our Substance Abuse community . The experts there may have some knowledge of this.
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An_247438 responded:
Hi and congratulations on being sober for about five months after drinking for such a very long time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to health care professionals who might be able to help you with the pain you are feeling. Alcoholism is a devastating disease and most people need some help to deal with it. Just like a broken bone needs a doctor to set it right and cast it so it can heal properly. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope you STAY SOBER ALWAYS!
gabuschka responded:
You can really find a lot of valuable info on this web site if you type alcoholism in the search box. good luck!
annette030 responded:
First, congratulations on not drinking anymore!!!

See your doctor and get a complete examination, with lab work. Be very honest with him, as you have here, about your drinking patterns over the years.

40 years of alcohol intake can do crazy things to your body.

Take care, Annette
Mark Pellegrino, MD responded:
Hi jacktgolf,

I wanted to chime in here with a few thoughts. It would be unusual for a male to first develop fibro symptoms in one's late 50's or early 60's, but not impossible. I would consider a number of causes of new onset of muscle pains in someone who describes your situation. A clinical evaluation by your doctor is necessary to determine what condition you may have and what treatment options are available.

A number of people develop increased pain after becoming sober because the pain nerves are not being blunted anymore by the alcohol/drugs. The underlying painful condition (ie arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy etc) may have been chronically masked by the effects of the drug and/or alcohol. Once sobriety occurs, these conditions can freely "express" themselves. As a result, the pain is noticed more, which may not be so bad because that means one is sober.

Congratulations on your sobriety. I hope your pain and lack of energy have improved since you first posted.

Dr. P
jacktgolf responded:
I am back after two years sober with an update. Both my buddy and I had that muscle/joint pain for about 6 months. It go to the point that my fingers (forget the name but next to pinkey) even cramped up. Had a doctor check up, need a little B12 which i take daily in massive amounts under my tongue and energy has returned full force. I stopped smoking also so really gained weight but back down to almost normal. I have spoke with many guys about this pain after 3-4 months an almost to a man they have responded 'Yes, but I did not want to be a wimp and it went away so," MY guess, I am no MD, no chemical background at all, is that its just the body cleaning itself out and the new stuff settling in. Simple explaination but all i got. It was never bad enough that I took any meds for it, but I do not take meds (2 advil when i play golf), But hay I am 64..............

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