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    fibro and eating disorders
    rj1600 posted:
    my gf was wondering if anyone with fibro has any experience with eating disorders because of the condition?

    ..she struggles with self esteem sometimes and worries about gaining weight and all that...
    kas54 responded:
    Hi. I have noticed that with fibro I developed IBS, lactose intolerance and stomach upset, constipation alternating with diarrhea, gas. Also carb and sugar cravings.
    Sometimes just being conscious of these things going hand in hand with fibro helps to manage them (at least partially); but I am certain that if you are supportive and help her eat healthy - it will make a big difference for her. Gentle exercise (walking, biking, light resistance exercises, light weights) and therapeutic massage is extremely helpful.
    It can be overwhelming.
    You don't mention her age, but could there be other factors? (i.e. "baby weight gain", menopause?) Fibro can frequenly lead to depression, and some people use food for comfort; that coupled with carb and sugar cravings can easily lead to weight gain.
    cakelady74 responded:
    I feel it is very common because you are not feeling well and have no ambition to make yourself a full, healthy meal, much less the family, so you run through the drive through, or just pick at what's in front of you. Currently I am on medical leave from work and making some major changes to my lifestyle. I am changing my eating habits and have started an exercise program. I have been using Wii Fit to learn yoga and correct posture for strength training. We just bought a cycle trainer so I can bike indoors where it is smooth riding. All are helping, but she needs to start slow because she'll just hurt even more and won't continue. I agree with the water aerobics, although we do not have classes where I live. I am looking into using the pool at a local hotel. Good luck, but if she hasn't gained much for weight yet, help to get on the right track now before her self esteem is completely gone.
    LIDEBRAS replied to cakelady74's response:
    I agree that when you have Fibro, and your are in pain 24/7, you care less about what you are eating and many times, I don't eat a balanced meal. I'll choose cereal and low fat milk in the AM. I do this because I need to eat something in order to take some of my medications, so they won't bother my stomach. Many times, if I feel crappy, I'll pass on lunch or dinner. I find that what's best for me is inviting my boyfriend over for dinner. I then take the time to make it a balanced meal. Or he buys dinner and it's balanced. This way, I have a good meal and I am with someone who is supportive of the Fibro, OA, RA, chronic migraines...etc. He's there for me and I'm there for him. I do not know what I would do without his support. Other friends say they want to help, but my being a type A personality, I would never ask. I am usually the one doing for others. I've been that way my entire life. I am having another knee surgery next week and with Fibro,any surgery is a bit more difficult. I never thought I had depression, but depression and Fibro go hand in hand. I take Cymbalta during the day and Soma & Elavil at bedtime.I take 14 different medications and because of Fibro fog, I have to write everything down. I am fortunate to have accepted this life that I have and for better or worse, this is my life. I am no going to feel sorry for myself, but rather grateful that I have a wonderful doctor and a supportive boyfriend and family. I could be worse! Best of luck in feeling better!
    smann68 responded:
    I don't have an eating disorder, but I sure have gained weight. I am currently on a dr. supervised diet in order to lose the weight and keep it off.
    Janiemarielucy replied to smann68's response:
    I was diagnosed with Fibro 4 years ago. I lost weight at first due to the severity of my pain. However in the past 2 years I have put on 10 plus pounds. A lot of it I believe is due to the pain medication. Many cause weight gain.

    I take anxiety medication also and that slows your central nervous system which in turns slows down your metabolism and such. I exercise every day but am having a very hard time loosing weight.

    What I have noticed is that I have muscle wasting. Especially in my arms. Has anyone else experienced this?
    annette030 responded:
    Are you talking about Anorexia and Bulemia type eating disorders or just not feeling like cooking so you eat whatever is easiest?

    How is your GF doing? It is nice of you to post for her.

    Take care, Annette
    Dianadell replied to cakelady74's response:
    I've recently been feeling as if I'm ready to give up on working 5 days a week due to the extreme fatigue accompanied by my constant pain. This pain has been for many years but as I get older I feel the pain and fatigue continue to get worse. I was wondering if you felt the difference by being off work. I am able to take a medical leave with the proper documentation and wondering if you felt less pain and fatigue when not working. I'm afraid I'll just want to stay in be all day.
    sexymamma12 responded:
    Hello rj1600 I am also a lover of food but I eat sweets non-stop and I just decided two days ago I was going to not eat sweets or food with a lot of sugar. I gained 6 pounds this month and I intend to lose them. I do worry about weight and I want to look good but I don't have any eating disorders, I just eat healthy because the body needs food to work right. If you eat too little or too much it can affect you. I do love to eat but I choose what I eat and how I eat.
    Anon_2912 responded:
    No..FM does NOT cause anything but unexplained muscle/nerve pain.

    It does not cause stomach issues. It sounds like the low self esteem is to cause for her eating habits..
    LIDEBRAS replied to Janiemarielucy's response:
    I might suggest using hand weights for your arms. Repetitions. I am not a DR or physical therapist. However, I have been in PT on and off for years. If you're walking as exercise (which is great with Fibro) perhaps you can walk with weights in your hands and GENTLY swing your arms. I repeat, gently. Water exercises are also great. When you feel pain, you're over doing it. Back off a bit. The one thing I don't want to do is ADD TO MY PAIN. The chiropracter helps me, with massage, hot rocks, heat and stimulation, and I go once a week. I know my body. If I push myself to do something I know I shouldn't do, I pay for it with horribly with increased pain for many days. After awhile, I've learned to try not to do that. Living alone, if I don't do it, it doesn't get done. Space things out and pace yourself. I cannot afford to hire a house keeper and I do not have the energy to do it like I used to..meaning, clean the house in one afternoon. Fibro is just one of many maladies I have. And SSD does not pay enough to add a housekeeper to the monthly bills.
    LIDEBRAS replied to Dianadell's response:
    I know from experience being retired on disability, that if you stay in bed all day, you will feel worse when you get up. I sleep about 12 hours a day , taking medication at night so that I do sleep. With Fibro, we don't get into REM sleep. If I should feel in horrible pain, worse than usual and I stay in bed say 15 hours, I finally get out of bed and am feeling so much worse. You have to move and not sleep all the time or your muscles with atrophy.
    LIDEBRAS replied to Anon_2912's response:
    FYI - Many medical problems go hand in hand with FIBROMYALGIA, and one of them is Irritable Bowel Syndrome - these are stomach problems. You may not have it, and I don't have it, but a friend of mine with Fibro has a terrible, awful IBS.
    lltaylor88 replied to kas54's response:
    I'm so glad to hear someone say that they have the carb and sugar cravings too. Since I've been diagnosed, it's out of control! Sometimes I feel like an addict. And the worst part is that once you eat them, your body feels horrible. Have you found any method to stop the cravings?

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