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Bone pain
jennagale76 posted:
Hi all~
I've been wondering if having bone pain with fibro is normal for any of you. My leg bones and finger joints ache so much, sometimes it is unbearble shooting pains. Do any of you experience it, and if so, what do you do to relieve it? Thanks!
dollbug responded:
Hello jennagale....MiMi in NC...when I first got sick and had multiple health issues going on....I did have deep bone pain....I have parathyroid problems and very low Vitamin D....I ended up having surgery on the parathyroid and the doctor put me on a prescription for a short time on Vitamin D....eventually my deep bone pain no longer gave me problems...I had a lot of this in my groin area as I don't really know if mine was caused by one or the other...but possibly a combination of both....

Have you tried a heating pad? Or perhaps taking a hot shower right before bedtime at night....or using some of the Stopain Spray?

I have also had the finger joint aches...but I have had 7 surgeries on my hands....I have had a lot of therapy on wax is a good thing for this...or perhaps soaking them in epsom salts....I know that my hands have hurt so bad before that I would cry....

I hope you do find something that will help ease your pain...

Do you take any vitamins and supplements at all? I have learned how to manage most of my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well.

Take care and good luck....


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Make sure you are not taking a statin for cholesterol as this was my symptom of side effect...I thought I had arthritis all of a sudden and the pain was off the charts.

We live in myalgias so, " the above to the bones" is what caught my attention. My neurologist said " no statins!"...right now on zetia and I am OK...I don't know if the cholesterol is any better and if it will protect me statistically, but the hands and arms are better.

So think about that. Also I was in the ER twice for severe bone pain and it turned out to be pneumonia....I know bizarre, BUT we are bizarre. I had also started with another thought on bone pain. (this was pain like bone cancer pain) even if I curled in a ball I was in so much pain......Good luck and I hope oyu feel better soon, get that D checked too....Nancy B

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