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Bad day followed by good day
rj1600 posted:
This happens pretty often, Today my gf had a great and busy day. She went to a conference all day and was social and times like this is when her ambition gets out as she's involved with things she really wants to do with her life, rather than the job she has now. And ultimately she'd like to do some motivational stuff and some sort of public speaking. As she excitedly told me how the day went for her and all she did ( she even won an iPad 3, but then gave it away to some little kid - though half of me thinks she could have at least sold it and had a little financial relief from her mounting debt issues, the other half knows the kid can make great use of it and that's one of the many reasons I like to think of her as sunshine.)

Anyway, in the back of my head, as she was yapping away, I was wondering what tomorrow would hold for her and how she would deal with it if it were a bad fibromyalgia day. She's so excited now, is that gonna cause her to get really down if she isn't feeling well tomorrow? Sometimes I'll try to tell her to maintain balance of emotions in that you shouldn't get too excited or too sad about things cause you may end up disappointing yourself. This time I didn't want to say anything cause I wanted her to enjoy the moment and if it was one of those moments where she felt like she forgot she had fibromyalgia, I didn't want to ruin that for her. But I wonder if she was thinking about fibromyalgia and if she'd have a bad day tomorrow. I guess what I'm wondering is how can I be supportive to her during the good times/days and not just trying to do that during the bad times or days. I wonder if there's a certain type of support that would be good to give that would help her state of mind if she does have a bad day tomorrow.

Another note, I still don't know how to support her during the bad days.

Just looking for some feedback. I feel like I should be trying to do more to help. Especially since I can't provide for her financially. (for the time being that is)

Also, yesterday as I read to her some posts from here and she mentioned possibly starting a journal. I wasn't trying to push her, but I told her today might be a good day to start given how she loved her day. I told her just writing one sentence was enough cause you have to start somewhere and everythig starts smalls and seemingly crappy but it's something that she can be open and honest with and no one would see it but her. I hope she does that
xperky responded:
In my experience, I don't have trouble with getting excited and happy about my day. That's a wonderful thing! Usually I pay for physically overdoing it or having a stressful day. I'd say you can relax and enjoy her good moments with her.

I'm glad your gf had such an exciting day. Yes, disappointments will happen, but we need to dream about our lives, even with FM.
With Compassion,

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