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Foods to stay away from
healingrain posted:
Does anyone else see a link between dairy products and fibro pain?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Not for me. I avoid dairy anyway because I'm allergic (not lactose-intolerant, but allergic) and the FM pain remains bad.

I'll be curious what others say.
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crystalgreeneyes responded:
Yes, I believe there is a link between dairy and fibro pain but for me sugar is the worst. I am trying to avoid gluten as well which is difficult because it's in a lot of foods and not just a component of wheat. It's difficult to avoid sugar too but I made some muffins for my daughter today and I just to had to try one and now I am in agony. Not worth it! I am also very sensitive to food additives, things like MSG. Cutting sugar is good for you anyway. I wasn't planning on losing weight but I have lost 7 pounds since stopping bread, cereal, cakes, cookies, candies and pasta. I barely know what to eat anymore. I just don't know what it might do. Vegetables are good but I can't eat them all the time. Pretty tough. Good luck.
annette030 responded:
No, I don't think there is, at least not for me.

Take care, Annette
fitzgift replied to annette030's response:
For me I have found that whole kernel corn and whole grains make my fibro worse , cornbread and ground corn flour don't bother me sugar isn't good either hope this helps
Anon_2912 responded:
No link.

But everything is blamed for it. It is why doctors so freely diagnois it. It has over 100 symptoms.

I am lactose intolerant, but it is not FM it is because that is just how my body is. No reason for it, it just is.
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

Many here are IBS labeled and yet in that label some were (as I) gluten intolerant. With that comes lactose intolerance and can improve when you heal a bit from the inflammation of the bowel.

I was taught by a good naturalist to stay green, there are many antioxodants and help for pain in the green vegatables......

He would say " green is mean!" and I did have a good improvement in my siuation so I still stay with all green in my life. I stary once in a while, but really...broccoli and swiss chard, string beans, escarole and brussel sprouts etc are always around. I even ate dandolion greens (but salt is the key with them!)

He also said "Don't get SAD...get MAD...." to help motivate me to the moving I needed to do. It helped in the long run, but awful as I passed through this period.

For sure the diet products should be avoided with aspartame in it. It is a neurotoxin and absolutely makes pain worse.

Some here will tell you ther is no clear diet, but I say BE GOOD to yourself and eat well, healthy. You will be better for it.

I bought a vegetarian book thinking I would go all the way but I never got there. Good luck in you trial and error period to find help for youself. Nancy B
cclarke05 responded:
I personally have not noticed a link with dairy products but I have been gluten free for about 2 months now and find that I have increased energy (still low but an improvement) and less overall pain and fewer bowel problems, plus some weight loss which is always a bonus. But I agree with everyone else it seems that the healthier you eat the better you feel including less pain, for me anyways.

Hope this helps!

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