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Fibromyalgia and biofeedback?
tlp2815 posted:
I just saw a new dr for me- a Neurologist who supposebly specializes in fibro. He recommended that I stay on Lyrica 75mgs 1x daily and to add Elavil 10mg's for a week and then to increase by 10mg's weekly until I reach 40mgs daily. I am concerned this may be too much with both and I may be too tired or out of it being that both meds make you sleepy. Has anyone been on both at the same time? He also recommended biofeedback but didnt really explain this to me. Has anyone had this done? What is it exactly for fibro patients and does it work? Thanks!
annette030 responded:
I would start with the Lyrica first, then after a week or so add the elavil at 10 mg. a day, and see how it goes.

My friend took Elavil 10 mg. a day and worked her way up to 30 mg. a day. Then after awhile she backed off again to 10-20 mg. a day. She would add 10 mg. on bad days and do that for awhile, then back off again. She had worked it out with her doctor and had a plan that worked. That was before gabapentin and Lyrica came out.

Charles, over on the Pain Management Board, has used biofeedback for his back pain, and says he can reduce his pain by about 20% just with this. It is not something your have done to you, it is something you learn how to do, then follow up yourself. It works for many different kinds of pain, FMS pain is enough like the other types to make it seem worthwhile.

Take care, Annette

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