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Supplements and recent news reports
maryalc posted:
I am wondering about the news reporting this week about supplements especially fish oil as reported to be of no use. Dr. Pellegrino what is your opinion for us with fibro. And for taking supplements in general? The gist of the reports, and I happened to hear NBCand ABC, we're that it was wasted money to even buy any. Thanks for thought on this. Mary
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Mary,

I'm not Dr. Pellegrino but, according to this WebMD article on the news , the report was about the impact of Omega 3 on helping with heart disease and stroke. That was their focus.
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maryalc replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Yes to the focus on heart disease, but I keep hearing that in general supplements are a waste of money, especially by Dr. Besser on ABC. I have been under the impression that they can be helpful for us and am now wondering what to think and who to believe? Mary
dollbug replied to maryalc's response:
Hello marylac....MiMi in NC....I wanted to comment about your I am sure you already know not every thing works for every one....even the doctors do not know sometimes what may or may not work for a person...I happen to know, from my own personal experience, that doctors try patients on different medicines all the one does not work then they more than likely have something else that may or may not work...this is also a process...

When I first got sick I tried several different kinds of medicines....did not find any which helped me without causing side effects....(and to be honest with you I think all medicines have side effects which may or may not appear)...I eventually decided that I had tried enough...and I then did my own research...and a lot of it...

I could not cope with the way I was....had too much going on with sleep produced a lot of pain for me...but I was determined to find something that would help me cope better...this process took a very long time...I tried a lot of different vitamins and supplements in the process...trying to find something that would at least improve the way I felt...

I ended up and finally found a good *fit*...which helped my pain...I am not pain free...nor do I think I will ever be...but I am so much better than I was...

I had an accident back in the 80's...messed up my right knee....I have since had 4 knee surgeries....and I have a lot of joint pain...I have also tried the synvisc injections which did help the pain....along with joint supplements...

I can assure you that the vitamins and supplements I take make a BIG difference in my pain level...I do have to tweak them at times....perhaps my body gets use to what I take and then decide to quit not know...but I do know that I can certainly *feel* a difference...

The synvisc injections are supposed to last about 6 months...(on an average)....the first time I got lasted over 2 1/2 years...the person who gave them to me could not believe this...I am now on my 2nd injection on the right knee...I have no idea how long this will last..but I can tell when my knee begins to be painful when I drive...I do as long as I think I can and then I will go back and ask for another injection...I can assure you that the injection helps me...

OK...I have learned how to *control my FM pain* by taking vitamins and supplements....and I do know that what I take helps me...

The only prescription that I take is a muscle relaxer when I have to....I did take an anti depressant for a while but I no longer take it now..

I do not think anyone can answer your question but you...

Do you ever watch Dr. Oz? You know he is a heart doctor and he talks a lot about vitamins and supplements...

Take care and good luck...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
maryalc replied to dollbug's response:
Mimi, thank you for your long and interesting reply. I also have been on, and tried countless medications and supplements over several decades! I even took some Chinese herbs that turned out to be quite dangerous, that a friend was selling. Now I am very skeptical and for good reason. Yes, I know about Dr. Oz. he may be a heart doctor, but he is first and foremost lately, a TV show. I do not watch him. My chronic fatigue, and later fibromyalgia have been with me for well over 30 years, so I too have read, watched, listened, and tried much. When living in Florida I went to a doctor with a fine reputation who started to get into alternative medicine as well as traditional. He also was involved in some supplements and growth hormones that turned out to be dangerous. My long and fairly educated journey has me now much more cautious and finding the path narrow. Rieki is very helpful for me, and my meds are good at the moment. One thing I have found true for me, and I agree with you, I do think my body gets used to things, and so changes are sometimes good. It does seem like they stop working after a while. Might work again with a break? Again, I appreciate your thoughts and experiences. Mary
fitzgift responded:
I also have had fibro over 30 years The Dr put me on Lyrica Nd Ultram and it worked for along time then my body became use to it so I went of for about 6 months then have gone back it is working again but I do alternative herbs and. Good vitamin so this is working for me
SilverDove7 replied to fitzgift's response:
What is ultram?

annette030 replied to SilverDove7's response:
Ultram is the brand name of the generic drug tramadol. One needs a prescription to get it.

Take care, Annette
clkwc1964 responded:

I am afraid also of alot of the supplements. I have been taking Osteo Biflex for some years now and for me it helps alot with the stiffness not so much the pain. I think we all have to use common sense and listen to our bodies. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Cat:0)

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