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Savella - ran out and can't afford
dollygood posted:
I have no insurance, and my medicaid application is pending. (They are running 45 days out so I have a long wait ahead.) I ran out of my Savella and I don't have any money to buy it. It's $4/pill and I have been on 3/day. Ugh!

My doctor told me to taper off it, and doesn't suggest anything else to put me on instead. I've already been on Lyrica and Cymbalta in the past, both gave me really bad side effects. I'm very concerned about withdrawal symptoms because I don't have any pills to taper off of with. I've been taking Savella for about 2 years now.

Has anyone else gone through this? I am SO worried this is going to cause me to go into a flare - I haven't had one in so long and I really don't want to be bed-bound because of one. I've already got myself psyched out about it I'm starting to freak out and I know that's not going to help.

I know they have a patient assistance program but it takes 4 weeks to get approved so that doesn't help me for right now. Can anyone give me any suggestions to deal with the withdrawals?

Waiting for my disability hearing which is coming up in less than a month away now...
dollbug responded:
Hello dollygood and welcome....MiMi in did you happen to ask your doctor if he had any samples that you could take to taper off on this....I would certainly think that they could have given you some just to make sure you did not have the withdrawal symptoms...

And you were taking 3 a day?

I do hope that you get approved for your disability...

Take care and good luck...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
annette030 responded:
You may not even have withdrawals, cross that bridge when you come to it. My son and husband and I have all been on antidepressants at times, and we all came off of them all at once, no taper in those days. None of us had any problems at all.

Obviously, you doctor is not that concerned. If you develop symptoms that you cannot manage, call your MD and make an appt. to see him. Tell him in person what is going on.

Take care, Annette
LIDEBRAS replied to annette030's response:
I do not know if you are aware of this but you can get in touch with the drug company, if you can not afford your medication, and ask if they have a program for indigent patients. That means that you can not afford the medication that your Dr has prescribed for you. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. It costs nothing to ask. The drug manufacturer of Savella is FOREST PHARM. I did this many years again when I had no health coverage AT ALL and I was sent the medication at no cost until I could afford it or was taken off the drug. Good luck! You might have their 800 # in the packaging from your last bottle.
dollygood replied to dollbug's response:
Thanks MiMi, yes I did ask my doctor for samples. They are part of a University Health Care system and they are not allowed to speak to pharmaceutical companies, so they don't have samples.
dollygood replied to annette030's response:
Hi Annette and thanks for your reply. I know my worries aren't going to help anything. I need to try to keep control of my stress, especially now. I'm just a worrier by nature, I guess lol.
booch007 replied to dollygood's response:
I also would to the drug company for assistance. There is no med out there like Savella, so you should give it a try. Good luck, I would be lost without my little guy savella....

Take care, Nancy B
Fibermyelgia replied to booch007's response:
I took Savella for about a month and it really worked. Except for it made me so sick, I would throw up blood. Is their anything else out there?
annette030 replied to dollygood's response:
CBT helps you manage stress without drugs. You can change how you respond to stressors. Read about it.

Take care, Annette
annette030 replied to Fibermyelgia's response:
Throwing up would be enough for me to get off of it, let alone vomiting blood. I hate vomiting.

Take care, Annette
annette030 replied to LIDEBRAS's response:
Dollygood is aware of the patient assistance programs. It was nice of you to respond and give the name of the manufacturer.

Take care, Annette

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