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SilverDove7 posted:
My regular doctor (primary doc) sent me to a pain specialist and he put me on this med. He also gave me some sample savella. Have any of you heard of this med or taken it? If so how did it do for you? I have heard that savella is kind of a rough drug to take. Thanks.

xperky responded:
Hi Sabrina.

I have taken diclofenac with some success for my arthritis. It is an NSAID, the generic form of Voltaren. Do you have arthritis too?

I tried savella, but my body didn't agree with it. Some people really benefit from it though. From my experience, I would start with the smallest dose possible for a while, and increase slowly, if needed. Take notes of when you take it, and how you feel after. It is truely unique and may be just what you need. Good luck.
With Compassion,
SilverDove7 replied to xperky's response:
Hi xperky thanks for your response. By the way I love your ending....with compassion. How beautiful and appropriate! No I dont have arthritis but I do have fibro. Today is my first day of Savella....1/2 tab. Today is my second day of the diclofenac. So we will see and yes I too thought of the idea of keeping notes on both. I will keep ya'll posted. Hopefully I will get some relief out of something.

(((((gentle hugs to you)))) also with compassion back to you and a peaceful pain free day!


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