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Attention Dr. P Diclofenac
SilverDove7 posted:
My primary doc put me on neurotin a while back. She regionally wanted to put me on savella but it wouldnt go through ....I have medicaid only. So she put me on neurotin. The neurotin helped some but not alot so I asked if she would up me on it. Im taking 600mgs three times a day. She sent me to see a pain specialist and he put me on Diclofenac and gave me some samples of Savella. Have you heard of the Diclofenac and what are your thoughts on it? I have also heard that the savella can be kind of a rough drug to take due to the side effects. Id like to know all your thoughts on this.Thanks.

annette030 responded:
My main suggestion is to start the drugs one at a time, so you know what good effects or bad side effects are from which drug.

I would avoid samples only because they are only available for newer drugs that are not yet available in generic and the newer drugs generally cost more. At some point you will have to either pay for the drug or go off of it. I think Savella is also available on patient assistance programs, maybe they could help you, if that is what you decide works best for you.

Take care, Annette
SilverDove7 replied to annette030's response:
Thanks for your response but it was for the doc. Yes Savella is new. Iam on medicaid and only pay a co-pay. The doc ...pain specialist gave me samples of the Savella till it would go through. My regular primary wasnt able to get Savella to go through. This doc..pain specialist can but he has to jump through all the right hoops to get it. I will do what my doctors say only.

Anon_408 replied to SilverDove7's response:
Although a post is directed to DFr. P, others often jump in and gmake a suggestion,what works, didn't work, etc.for them. Most FM'ers appreciate the different thoughts on a med or whatever.

Annette030's suggestion of starting one med at a time is actually a good one, for the reason she stated. No one would expect you to do anything other then what your drs. say.

The Savella is a newer drug, and medicaid more then likely would hesitate to cover it, the jump through the hoops you refer to is get pre authorization, at least for private ins.

The Diclofenac you speak of is an anti-inflamatory, nonsteroidal, and is used for arthritis type pain.
SilverDove7 replied to Anon_408's response:
I already knew what the Diclofenac was for. I do not have arthritis I have fibro. Even though annettes suggestion about taking one at a time was a good one etc. I was not told to do that by the pain specialist. I do appreciate others suggestions thoughts etc otherwise I wouldnt come here. But usually when a see a post for Dr P I leave it alone because its directed to him not me. Yes I know all about the Savella and all about pre authorization...been there done that.

Anon_40323 replied to SilverDove7's response:
Well I'll jump in and tell you about my very good experience with diclofenac (Voltaren) for fibromyalgia. I took it daily for about 4 years to battle the pain and joint stiffness. It was very effective and allowed me to continue working and manage with my daily life, didn't have trouble with side effects.

Sabrina, please consider that your question is really a very good one and others who read these may appreciate our responses. That's the nature of any board. Many of us look to Annette for great help with Rx info.

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