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Does it get worse?
rj1600 posted:
Hey guys. I was wondering based off experience, as you age, does fibro get worse, stay the same, get any better?
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi rj1600, Hi and welcome to the FMily. I'm glad you found your here but am really sorry that you have gotten the fibro DX and are dealing with it's symptoms. You didn't give any info on your gender or age so am going to to just give you a generic answer. I hope it's of some help.

My name is Linda R and I have had the fibro DX for over 30 years now. I can only answer your question based on me and yes, for me, it has gotten worse and I have more fibro issues
now than I had say back when I first started to feel ill with this.

I can also tell you that where you live and the weather there plays a part in how you feel, how often you have fibro issues or a flares and how bad the flares or issues might be.
So, if you live where there's seasons you will be more than like be dealing with fibro issues more than if you lived in Hawaii or in the lower western US. So, not knowing where you live that a ball park answer. One of our biggest helpers to feel well is Vitamin D3. Knowing where our levels are, keeping them in the normal range, getting sunshine at least 15 minutes a day and or a sun light, helps.

I used to live in the San Fernando Valley, Ca and had minor complaints from fibro. Just enough to keep me feeling unwell. I now live in Middle Tennessee where we have Fall and Winter and OMG do I pay for it. I get all the worst symptoms and conditions connected with fibro starting in October and suffer until spring comes here in late March, early April. And when I say suffer I really do mean I pay dearly with flares that last longer and are worse than those in the warmer months.

Now having said that let me assure you that even with many of my symptoms getting worse, or having flares more often or even getting new things that are , "IT" /fibro driven. Having a bad fibro day or a painful fibro day isn't enough to stop me from living my life my way. On a bad fibro symptom(s) day I take each minute and pace. I get small things done rather than staying in bed and letting "IT" win. On good days, and there are many more of those than bad ones, I get the bigger things done. I don't set my day based on how bad I feel but rather on what I want to get done. By day's end I can put my head on my pillow knowing that "IT" didn't take even one second away from MY LIFE.

There's lots of useful info here if you'd care to check out the tool box. Google is a real help as well. There is also a UTUBE video by Dr. Hollack on Vit D and how it helps do a body good you might want to look at. It's less than a hour's watch and well worth the view.

Please post with us again, Gentle hugs to you, Linda R.

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