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cathrynme posted:
has this ever happen to anyone you cough the night befor and the next day your sides hurt so bad ya cont even talk or yell for your dogs to come inside thiis is whats going on with me today i have horrible side pain and i remember last night just coughing alot omg this set off a flair that is just killing me i hope it stop hurting its really scary if im not anybetter soon im going to the hospital i have to i just took a mussel relaxer hopeing it will help me and my pain med again this is just so bad i came on here today i need to be here i need to be with all of you now
xperky responded:
How bad was the coughing? My concern is that you have something going on with your lungs. If you are still coughing a lot, I would call the doctor. I think of things like asthma, bronchitis, etc.

I have had it happen like you, but at the time I had a bad cold and was coughing from that.

Then again, some with FM have costochondritis, and it can flare up.

I hope you are feeling better soon, whatever the cause.
With Compassion,
cathrynme replied to xperky's response:
was coughing in the morning when i woke up cause of all the meds i take sometimes i just get sick from it and thats all it took for me to be in horrible pain what am i gonna do when i do get really sick just coughing set me in a flair what is costochondritis cause anytime i cought im in horrible pain the next day i hope ya feeling well how long have ya had firbo and how are ya dealing with it what do ya take that helps i want ya to know that i hope ya feeling well and have alot of good days ahead too
xperky replied to cathrynme's response:
I'm no expert, but I think costochondritis is inflammation of the muscles between the ribs. With FM, any muscle or set of muscles can get painful.

I've been diagnosed just under 2 years. I found this site around then and have gained lots of insight from these folks. Stick around a while, soak up the info, and try a few of the helpful hints. I've found it best to take baby steps, try one new thing at a time, and push myself as much as possible without creating a flare. That takes practice, and I'm still learning my

Hope you are feeling better today.
With Compassion,
schrode replied to xperky's response:
So sorry that you are in so much pain! I have had pain in my ribs every day for the last 12 years. It usually bothers me the most at night or if something touches my ribs.

It can be very painfull if you have a cough. I was originally told it was costcondritis. After being diagnosed with FM a few years ago, I think it is just part of FM pain.

I take a 5mg Valium before bedtime as a muscle relaxer. I find a little relief with a hot shower or heating pad.

I hope your cough and pain get better soon.

Soft hugs,
cathrynme replied to schrode's response:
Yes the rib pain is the worst it dribbles you and anything can set it off one little cought it's just horrible I don't have a cough I just sometimes get sick I the morning from the meds just laying in mt stomach and I start to heave that cause a strain on me I know it's part of the firbo pain what scares me is how ya ever gonna know when you have something else wrong that's the scary part of this is this something real or firbo how many doctor can ya see I am starting a support group on Sunday do you do that I'll let you know how I ake out I really need this so bad to save me from failing to fight anymore please stay well

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