what to say
cathrynme posted:
can someone out thier help me in a way to explain to my doctor what im going threw in a way he will get it complety my fibo fog is so bad i dont know what to say anymore i get thier i say i hurt all over in in pain everyday and they dont get it i need to tell them in a way they know how deperate i am and i need help this is serious
xperky responded:
Well...I think you said it well yourself! Put these words together with your list of symptoms and I think you have it.

I bet you'll get some good ideas from others here...I was lucky I was taken seriously early on. I had never heard of FM until my research before my rheumy appointment.
With Compassion,
maggiethedoglover responded:
Hi Cathryn,

Have a notebook nearby at all times and write down every pain and other symptoms. That way, you won't have to remember.

Hope you get the help you need!

soft hugs,


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cathrynme replied to maggiethedoglover's response:
thank you maggie i will write it all down and start to keep a journal how are ya feeling i wish you a wonderful pain free weekend and life love me