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Burning pain
jennagale76 posted:
Hi all~
Sometimes I get a spot about the size of a 50 cent piece right in the center of my upper back that burns like someone is holding a flame to it. The past few days it has started up again, but this time, it's extremely painful and not something I can ignore.
What can I do to relieve this? I can't stand it and it's causing me to pull my shoulders back, which will, of course, cause my shoulders to start hurting.
jennagale76 responded:
My hands have also started burning really bad. Is this fibro?
booch007 responded:
For me this is an ACTIVE trigger point. As opposed to LATENT ones that are there and not felt unless you go around poking and looking for them.

I use a heating pad to increase blood flow to the area. RUB on a door jam to massage the area a bit and help decongest it. I also have my husband put "sombra" choiice, stop pain is another, ben gay...whatever...massaged into the area to loosen it up. IT HELPS.

I have these in many areas and work each zone when needed.
Watch your posture as this is going to affect the stance you present when you are probably are bending forward a bit. BE STRAIGHT as you can be to help the spine.

This is war, it is everyday and every good to you and be mindful of what you eat and drink. Flushing the body and helping it move fluids through the muscles helps so much.

I wish you well........I use a book called FM and Chornic Myofascial Pain by ; Dr Devin Starlanyl it is a survival manual.
19.99 on amazon. SO worth the money and education. Dr P also has great hints of help in his books. Also look under his posts up tot he right for help he has given out in the past.

Best of luck...hugs, Nancy B
jennagale76 replied to booch007's response:
Thank you so much for your response. I tried beg gay and later a heating pad, and it helped enough that I could sleep last night. It's starting to really bother me again right now, so I'm gonna repeat those things. Thanks for the suggestions. I hope this doesn't last very long! WOW- it's terrible!

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