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hey all im new
An_248000 posted:
hi,im a 24 yr. old mom, and worried that i have fibromyalgia..... i have severe body aches,joint pain in my knees, cant sleep, headaches..... doc.s done all sorts of test,...what can i do to get a definitive answer?
fibroinsd responded:
Hi..and welcome..

So sorry you are having so many aches and pains..Well, usually, like I am sure the doctor has said....The good news is that you don't have a bunch of other things he tested for. Having said that...sounds like you have something going on. Has your doctor check "certain points?".. I think if you look up Fibro on webmd. there is a place that can show you the tender points...That is the one thing that leads to a diagnoses of fibro. It is hard to get a diagnoses, as some doctors still don't even believe it is real. You might ask to see a Rhumatologist that treats fibro.

Having said that, you might also check out in this section the tips and resources section and look for the member toolbox post that was started by Nancy B. It has a list of things that people here do to help themselves with all these aches and pains..everything from using a heating pad, to hot baths, etc..

You might also ask your doctor to check your vit D. many people that come here have found they are low in Vit. D. I do take several vitamins myself, including a multi vitamin, D, a B-100 Complete, and omega and magnesium..

There are medications such as cymbalta, savelle, or Lyrica that can also be helpful, however with all medications, some work for some and not for is all trial and error..and all have side effects that you need to be careful about.

And if you are a mom you might need to ask for help so you can get some extra couldn't hurt, eh?????

Hope you get some answers soon.
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annette030 responded:
What does your doctor say after doing all these tests and an H&P on you?

Take care, Annette
sp2001 responded:
Hi An..

Sorry your suffering =( I second the testing for Vitamin D level. I take a prescription Vit. D (50,000 IU) and have also noticed many here are deficient too.

I was finally diagnosed with FM a few weeks ago. I kept a journal of my symptoms, pain and fatigue to keep track of everything. This way, I was able to tell my Dr. EXACTLY how I felt.

Hang in there, try keeping a journal or notebook to keep track of how you feel. Good luck *hugs*
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decision13 responded:
hi i have it also and i need help these drs get u all hooked on this meds and then lifes challenges take over and they let u go because o f the economy and im so scared of running out of meds.... I dont know what to do i get the burning in my legs and the needles and pins sensation and a lot more
24yroldworrymom replied to annette030's response:
have been tested for lupus, borreliosis, burcelliosis, cancer, and everything is ok...even my blood counts are ok. im getting a refferal to a rhuematologist. i just want to be myself again. i have never had anxiety a day of my life but the last 2 weeks, i freak out about everything.....and i been asking ?s for about 2 yrs. now.
24yroldworrymom replied to sp2001's response:
thank you a journal sounds excellent. they thought i was anemic or diabetic bcz i get huge bruises over a few moments without doing anything to get a bruise, they look really bad but don't hurt. i just want to be able to get up in morning, go to a job, and play with my 3 yr.old without bieng in soo much discomfort.

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