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Not sure what this is
peggym posted:
Hi All;

Was diagnosed with fibro 2 yrs ago put on meds they made me so tired I slept in my car at lunch time, during work. Went off of them, just worked threw the pain. Then came menopause 5 months ago, now not only dealing with those changes but and the fibro pain plus a new symptom...HELP..I itch all over seriously this is odd to me my ears my eyes my scalp every part of me i was told several could be fibro,it can be menopause(really) or better yet LIVER damage..I do drink a couple of glasses of wine a I'm thinking does anyone else go threw this??? still itching..thank you
debrabrooks1960 responded:
Hi Peggy,

I have itching too. My skin feels like a real bad sunburn that really itches bad. I have to get in the shower under cool to cold water to cool my skin down. I have actually left deep scratches on my skin from scratching so hard. Sometimes I will get a bowl of ice water and dip a wash cloth in it. Then I will lay the wash cloth over my skin. It seems to help the itching and burning. I tried different kinds of creams but they seem to hold the heat in. So now I just use plain cold water. Once an attack starts I have to just wait it out. I wish I had some better news. If you find anything that helps please post it.

Good luck, Debbie
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booch007 responded:
Ok, this is interesting....

Kidney disease will make you itch because of the build up of toxins to the body, liver disease the same.......but you WOULD know this from your labs and the conversation with the doctor.

periactin is one of the meds we use to help.

I am thinking you are healthy and I have never heard of menopause making you itchy. To itch in your making me think you have done something that you are allergic to.

ALL OVER ITCHING is an ingestion issue. you ate something and the WHOLE body is responding to the response of your immune system. Like me with Rocephin. The ear canals and all were itchy...I took benadryl to get the histamine reaction better.

ITCHING IN A ZONE is contact a poison ivy thing, a detergent thing....where whatever was touched is involved.


Strawberries last week...fine and now today...your mouth itches and the skin is crawling....You have to do the leg work and look back at what you are doing eating, and exposing yourself to.

If it is continuing then you are doing the same thing......

You can see an allergist who can do a panel of common things and see* if you react. I am allegic to eggs..I get a histamine headache and diarrhea is the YOLK, not the white that I react to. That took some time to figure out. The headache was a quick find to the cause though.

Good luck with this and be for throat involvement or wheezing. IF IT GETS TO THIS...Hospital is the place for you.

The body is a wonderful organism, but so complex and so reactive to the world around it......this can be a new pesticide they have put on a food you bought......our food chain is so messed up.

I wish you all the best, it is no fun to ITCH..........Nancy B

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