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Sometime pain, but no pain at all, others times.
unhappybeoch posted:
No pain meaning. cutting my foot and needing 57 stitches to close it. without feeling it being cut. My sister noticed blood and it was me bleeding bad. hand slammed in car door without pain. Close to kidney failure and not feeling it, I just know something was wrong on that one. After surgery on kidney and urinary track, no pain.
But bad pain where should have been mild, like strip throat, Weak mussels and head aches.
I slept sound, But could have been do to the kidney problems. I was the one, who caught every illness going around the schools, including mono. And yes fibro fog a lot.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Have you discussed all of this with your doctor(s)? There may be other things going on with you which should be looked into.
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