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    New fibro pains now below the waist
    deansmimi posted:
    I wonder if anyone else has been bothered with pain in low rigght back, right hip, groin(bad) and right knee(bad). When I put my right foot down to walk, I buckle because it feels like an electric shock
    going up into my groin, r. hip and knee(the pain is dibilitating) At first
    I took a cane, which was real difficult with my both arms, shoulders and muscles in pain. I couldn't carry oxygen, also, so with my afib,
    my pulse went up to 175 when they put the oxymeter on my finger. Oxygen was all right. I'm taking diltiazem, which has regulated my B/P but my resting pulse is still in the 90's. I'm afraid to even go
    anywhere, as any exersion at all raises my hearrt rate. I called Dr.
    to see if I should change my heart med yesterday,but I haven't got an answer. I stopped taking it today , as my face has been swelling too dn't know until my sister came over yesterday. I never see anyone for days and I live alone, so no way of knowing. I thoughtit looked kind of puffy, but wasn't sure. Any answers will be appreciated. Wish you all a pain free day, at least.

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Marie,

    We should never assume that a new symptom is all part of FM. Please see your doctor to find out what's going on. I hope someone can go with you to help you. And keep pursuing the doctor re your heart med so your health is taken care of. (((softhugs)))
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    annette030 responded:
    Call your doctor's office and make an appt. to go in to see him in person. Discuss all these questions you have.

    Take care, Annette
    deansmimi replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Thanks Caprice, I called my Dr. office Monday & Tuesday, but no response from him. I wanted to know if I should still take the heart med or should he change it? He never called back. He's my rhumy that n ow will not prescribe me any opiods, even though I have been with that clinic for over 30 yrs. and never had any problem.I have only been on vicodin brand 7.5/750 since I've had fibro.5 yrs, and have had all my meds
    delivered by my pharmacy. I have never asked for anything else. I have very bad COPD and my heart rate rises even with walking. This problem with my fibro below my waist only started on August 23rd or 24th when he had a nurse call me
    back and forth all day, really stressing me out. After that I started limping, which I thought was a back problem, but then he had me come in for cortizone shots, and used that to try
    to get me to sign a contract (which sounded like and admission to being addicted. i was so upset, I started crying and said I'm not an addict, which they denied acccusing me of. I told them tthat I depend on the drug for my pain, only. They said I'd have to come to the clinic every month to urinate in a cup and colect my med. I declined. The next day, I had pain in my back, r.hip, groin, and r. knee, which made it diggicul to walk. I had to use a cane, that made it very painful for my pain in my shouldeers, arms and muscles.That was August 31st at the clinic. That stress caused me the new pains that I have.

    I had an appt. with Spaulding that Monday I had a very hard time keeping it. They saw right away that I couldn't walk and put me in a wheelchair to go fo X-rays. They took 5, that didn't
    show anything. .As ttime went on, I noticed that it was acting like my fibro pain, and my chiropractor is now working on my trigger points with deeep accupressure, and the activator.
    My Rhumatologist thinks he can play God, and I have no respect for him at all. I'm looking for a new primary care Dr.
    as I really hate that clinic now. I do have a wonderful pulmanory Dr. (Female) which I prefer to work with.

    I'm also taking Celexa, which I now find is causing heart arrithmias, and I didn't have any abnormal ekg's before I took this drug. I asked him to tell me how to taper off of it, but no answer, so I'm taking it every other day fo a week and then every two days , on & on. Sorry I made this so long but I'm so frustrated. God Bless & soft hugs to you.

    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to deansmimi's response:
    We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. ~Joseph Campbell
    annette030 replied to deansmimi's response:
    A contract is a fairly old thing for all pain patients, but many doctors offices are just now asking for them. It is not an admission of being an addict in any way, I am so sorry you felt that way.

    You need to see your doctor in person about the Celexa at least. You need to tell him why you are tapering off of it, and get his perspective, if not his instructions. It is my understanding from your post that he is your rheumy, why is he prescribing your heart medicine?

    Take care, Annette
    deansmimi replied to annette030's response:
    Annette, My Rhumy is also my pc. About the celexa: In WebMd I found that the FDA -Celexa may damage heart at high doses--fatal changes to heart rhythm possible from
    antidepressant. I reached him, and he agreed that I taper off,
    and said he would look into the article.

    I know most people don't read the contract, but I did. BTW Spaulding also gave me the contract which I declined, and
    it is a different contract, but says about the same. There are some things in it that read that you may be a former addict. That's what I see. So, I'm suffering with no pain meds.
    With new symptoms in my spine, hip, groin, & right thigh and knee, I'm in no condition to stand in line to pee in a cup and
    another line to get my meds. My pharmacy delivers my meds to me one day a week, which I am very fortunate for. they decided to do this after I had been going there for a couple of years, but finding it more and more difficult.I'm 79 yrs old. I also don't drive anymore, and have transportation problems.I don't have any family or friends to depend on.
    I don't really know for sure if my new developments are from the fibro or not.Xrays showed nothing.??? The pain in my groin is so painful when i walk. Thank you for the interest.

    annette030 replied to deansmimi's response:
    I am glad that you reached the doctor and were able to discuss your concerns with him.

    I don't know how your doctor runs his practice. My doctor and my husband's doctor (a different one entirely), though both are internists, have their patients sign PM contracts. We don't stand in line for anything, tests or drugs. The doctor sees us like he/she always did before. Although the contract says they can do urine testing, I have had two tests in 15 years (two different practices my doctor belonged to), and my husband has had none. We both get our RXs the same old way we did before. It really has made no difference at all in our care.

    If the contract said you "may" be a former drug addict VS. the contract saying you "are" a former drug addict, that is very different. However, the longer you can manage without opiates, as with any RX drugs, the better off you are.

    Take care, Annette
    booch007 responded:
    Crap Marie, this really sounds like a mess for you.

    You have Atrial Fib? That would explain such a variable heart rate and at your age so common......and Cardizem is so helpful. BUT you need cardiology to get you stable.

    Not a Rheumy who is a PC as well. Shame on him for not having someone follow you better.....Cardizem can have you shift fluids to show edema (swelling) but usually in the extremities not the face......

    Please don't stop that cardizem without real good management, you could really get sick. I am amazed that at 79* anyone would bother you about anything.......again shame on them. Maybe this is an overall statement and NOT aiming at anything you are involved with. BUT I can see in todays environment if they are giving YOU meds they WANT to see it in the urine or blood....that you are taking it (not selling it).

    I am hopeful that you are able to find a county sponsered bus system to get you to a doctor and you are seen regularly and helped. Call the office of the aging and they can point you in some of that direction. This is government available to you. As are the Meals on Wheels programs around to be sure you eat.

    You should also have a senior center that makes visits to see that you are OK? I know in real rural USA this is not always available but I am hopeful with these ideas for you, they are helpful.

    If you are not feeling right at this point...get to an ER for them to give you a once over, especially if that heart rate is so high. The muscle has ineffective beating that fast and you are risk for clots and a be seen and they will give you a name of cardiology for follow up from the ER visit plan to be held just in case..... My heart goes out to you. I have never seen a pain management person so i don't about these contracts, but at 79* give me a break.......

    Bless you and I hope you get this better........Hugs, Nancy B
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Hi Hun... So sorry you are having such problems... It sounds like you need a team of drs insted of one... You especially need a cardiologist... If your PC won't set you up with one it is time to look for a different dr... I had trouble because of multiple problems but now I have a team of 6 that work together and they are all great... I can't say I will ever mend lol.. but life can be more understood and tolerable... Please look for Dr's that are going to listen to you... return phone calls... and be there for you...

    And as for the decreasing of med atleast call your pharmacist and let him know the dr isn't returning your calls... perhaps he can change that...

    My prayers are with you... take care...

    love... Jan/Dakota
    deansmimi replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy, Thank you for your informative letter. I always look forward to reading all of your posts and answers to our sisters
    and brothers problems. Some are so helpful to me and others i'm sure. You should have been a Doctor. you're more knowledgeable and have so much more empathy than any
    that I've ever had. This Dr. of mine is really giving me a bad name(which I have never had) and blackballing me with any
    other Dr. or clinic I go to. When I went to Spaulding, they told me my Dr.just sent them a lot of useful info, which wasn't something that he had to do. I had done all of the research for Spaulding and brought it to him and asked for a referral 2
    mths. before. and I wasn't having any problem with him at that time. That's all he needed to do until he rec'd a report. My appt. was on a Monday, and the Friday before, he called me
    and told me to make sure I kept that appt., I told him i would if i could walk, that I had new symptoms with my lower back, hip, groin, and knee, and it was very difficult to walk. This Dr. is usually a wimpy guy, but actually hollered that I better keep it, no excuses, and to have them prescribe my meds from now on. I can imagine the info he sent them, as they told me that they'd give me one prescription, but they dont prescribe meds.which isn't the truth It was a pm that said this. They said I should go to a new pc and gave me some papers to give them. When I got home and read it , it was the consent form. So you see, this is going to follow me, and I have never abused any drugs. I told my reg. Pc that I have been going to that same clinic for 30 years and he should read my record.I never even asked for pain meds when I broke 4 ribs or when I broke my knee cap. I only was in constant pain from fibro, and he gave me 7.5/750 vicodin brand I never asked for anything else. In July, my druggist told me they couldn't get
    the brand anymore(I am allergic to the generic, which my dr tried first for about 6 mths.) and I would have to get something else. I told my Dr. and he prescribed Norco7.5/750, which I hated, and had all kinds of side effects to, and really didn't touch my pain. He then pres. Norco 10. The effects increased, and that is when my heart rate increased. In the
    meantime, I found out that other Pharm. carried the Vicodin brand. My druggist then told me that it was their distributor that wasn't carryng it.That would have been nice to know before Ihad to go through different meds, It seemed to me that it was a conspiracy between my druggist and Dr. I know I sound paranoid, but it took me quite awhile before I had these thoughts, as I really liked my druggist. I called my Dr. and told him I can get Brand at another Pharm, that the side effects of norco10 were driving me crazy, He told me to come in, and he'd change presp, He got me in there and hit me with this consent form,etc. Just recently he called and said he wouldn't give me any more pain meds, because I'd keep wanting to have increases. I said I never asked for any increases. He said I went up from 75 to 10 Norco. i said "No,
    You went up to 10" I didn't even want the norco. He said he can't remember exactlywhathappened but I'll have to go toanother pc for pain meds. which he has made impossible for me to do. I'm sorry I wrote so long, but I knew I had to explain further. I am in excruciating pain now with both shoulders, and blades, neck, and down both arms and painful musclesin both arms, along with now new right lumber back r. hip, groin, and r. thigh and knee.(which only started the day
    I had to go in and sign the consent form, which I declined.
    Other people on here have said I should have signed it, but one of the things it says that you can't go anywhere else for
    your meds, or any other pharmacy except the one you are going to, also you sign other rights away. This will follow you everywhere, which he's trying to do without me signing it.Thank you Nancy, for your patients. I hope many pain free days for you.

    God Bless, Marie
    newgrandma1953 responded:
    Hi Marie,
    My heart goes out to you. Please contact your doctor right away and make an appointment to see him. Knowledge is power so please go see him so this can be delt with and you can begin to feel better. Never assume anything, our bodies are so complicated. I will keep you in my prayers.
    God bless you,
    much love and gentle hugs, Carol
    booch007 replied to deansmimi's response:
    Hey Marie,

    Thanks for the hug first.....try that book I reccomend the FM and Chronic Myofascial Pain; a survival manual, by: Dr Devin Starlanyl and Dr Copekland. 19.99 on


    I think a soft massage after warming up the muscle might help you buy little time here if you can. NOT all massage people are a good fit, so be patient. I am lost without mine.....but she buys me time and less med use often.

    As far as the know they are just people.....and they have bad days and make mistakes and have emotions like we do. This consent thing is not something I have been exposed to, my neurologist who cares for me has MADE me take all but my Soma that I am it is not me asking. As you state for you.

    When I started my relationship with this doctors office I brought in a list of ALL THE NON MEDICAL THINGS I be better....all the tricks I learned how to care for myself and then I said at the end. "I CAN'T DO BETTER WITHOUT YOU"

    I need help and will do whatever it is I need to get out of this mess. I never looked for a pill to answer the porblem and that maybe how I got a good start.

    So try that. get the appointment with him again...WRITE down all that you said here and know that the narcotic world is getting tough.....maybe cross to Tramadol a non-narcotic. IT does help me an awful lot...though lately I have taken 2 tablets for good relief. (37.5mg)

    We are often a mixture of muscle relaxant, antidepressant and a pain med. Pacing the day, heating pads and ****distraction***.

    Yesterday I went after work (I know not to do this..) to the verizon store as my phone was broken and I I was at a loss (plus the MD's I work with made fun of my "lack" of smart phone! now I am SMART...I do need the access to medical information readily and I do need the translator app to help with patients so NOW I AM SMART. But, I was there for about an hour to transfer eveything and get a litle class onthe phone. "I COULDN"T stand on the burning legs anymore. The outer muscles were killling me. I kept looking at his chair and in envy wanting it under me....when I got to the car (right outside the door in handicap...I just sat there a mess, came home and turned onthe heating pad....took my soma and tramadol and reset the body I was in.

    It is 13-15 years of "learning this dance" I do. Knowing the lines and where they are and not to cross them. I like a letter effect for a doctor. BUY that book she is great in helping you get this dance down and the non-medical and medical help that might help.

    So many hugs to you and I wish we lived closer we could go in together to the doc and I be your "champion boxer" to help you.

    We are all different and it is so hard for the docs to get it right as they have no idea what we feel* is subliminal to them.
    HUgs again, Nancy B
    deansmimi replied to booch007's response:
    Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for the information. I ordered the book you suggested and also another on trigger points from Amazon. Nancy, actually, I've never asked my pc for any narcotics. When he first diagnosed me, he prescribed vicodin7.5/750, and he never even tried anything else in these five years. I also have osteoarth. for years, and only took Tylenol for Arth. When
    I complained about new pains, he gave me a presp. for Vioxx. When I got home I went on the internet to look it up,
    (which I always do) it said it had been taken off the mkt. and there had been deaths from it. I called Dr. at that time, and
    he said he didn't know. About six mths later when I went for appt. He asked me again if I would like a presp. for vioxx. I had to remind him again. Hard to believe, Huh ?
    While I was on Celexa, I asked if he would at least put me on Tramadol, but he said he couldn't because I was on Celexa.
    After I found out the FDA had put out a warning about heart arrithmias being caused by it, and was weaned off of it,I waited awhile and asked him again.He said no because that is also a dangerous drug, and is in the same catergory as the other narcotics. I will not go in to see him anymore, Nancy, as he made it clear over the phone, that he thinks I should look for another PC closer to home. But... he will still send a
    report denying me my medications, so what do I do now? at
    that time I said,"Are you telling me that you don't want to treat me?" HE said,"No, No I'll treat you! I then asked when are you going to start? He said nothing, and had to leave the phone. Itold you i already tried at Spaulding, Per his request, and the Pain Mgmt. Dr. said they don't prescribe narcotics, and gave me papers, which was the consent form to take to a new Dr.I took it to Beth Israel, and she called Spaulding, and came back and made a appt to give me a complete Physical, and then informed that she doesn't believe in giving anyone narcotics. I asked what Dr. in Hospital does, and she said none of them. O(f course I didn't keep the appt for the Physical. My sister in N.H. said I should write a letter to the A.M.A. What do you think. I told her I think that they'd always back their doctors?? I just don't know what else to do??
    I am in such pain now and am only taking Arth Pain Medicine
    acedimedophen., also, from my Swanson Health, Gaba, for anxiety, Homeopathic, Fibromyalgia Relief, Arnica Montana 3x,6x,12x,30x,200x, and Fibro relief OTC. So far none of it is
    really helping my pain very much.

    Nancy, Thank you so much for taking your time to help me.
    I really appreciate it. I know that you're in a lot of pain, and
    my heart aches for you. I hope God rewards you for all the help you give to others, and takes your pain away.

    God Bless You,
    foreversore responded:
    I found this list/article that the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation put out. I don't know if you can print it out and take it with you to your next appointment but just maybe it will give your doctor some perspective. I will paste the link to the article below

    Helpful Tips

    Welcome to Our FMily! My name is MeMe, I'm an FM suffer of 19 years, along with autoimmune diseases & other conditions. ... More
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