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    Persistant UTI and Fibro
    delora_anne posted:
    I have been fighting a resistant UTI for over 2 months now and it is flaring the fibro up really bad. In addition I had to take over 7 weeks of medical leave early in the year for a psych condition, and I have to be on FMLA intermittently for that and the fibro. I'm dangerously close to running out. I have had low grade fevers, aches, nausea, stomach and back pains, and headaches along with the UTI symptoms this entire time. I started getting night sweats a few weeks ago and I feel so run down. I have missed a lot more work recently due to this and I feel that everyone involved is getting worn thin, including myself! I feel so guilty for not working but I really don't feel well. Everyone is dismissing me including my doctors and no one has done anything about it. I had 4 recent positive cultures for UTI, and the last time was 2.5 weeks ago and they never called to tell me, and now i'm feeling really bad again. I didn't think bladder infections could make you really ill and nauseated. I see the doctor again today and i may have to shake them to get them to hear me! LOL! I just want to feel better and I know the fibro will retreat some as well if I can get this infection gone. I just wish I could not feel guilty for not working, and I wish I could not care about the judgment of others because i'm not working. I wish they could just understand that i'm not lazy, crazy, or faking. Vent over for now!
    forgetful88 responded:
    Have you seen a urologist?
    SilverDove7 replied to forgetful88's response:
    I have been having the same issues also and yeast infections. When I need to pee I strain and have to think of a waterfall or something to get started then lean forward to finish. I dont know if it is due to the weight I have gained or being in menopause. I also am looking into seeing a urologist. (spelling)

    canadjineh responded:
    I've never had a urinary tract or yeast infection, but my husband has had both (gastrointestinal yeast infection). What worked for him is going to a naturopathic doctor and changing his diet to drastically reduce sugars (natural & processed) and anything fermented or raised with yeast. He now only eats natural sourdough bread, no processed sweets, and only two fruits a day. It works. He also took a supplement to kill off the Candida Albicans overgrowth (available at any health food store.)

    Not to be nosy, but if you have a male sexual partner(s) they need to wear a condom or you will get reinfected often. You don't need to comment on this of course. It's just something to consider - our own docs told us about this one. You can keep reinfecting each other especially if your internal flora are out of whack as they will be after serious antibiotics.
    delora_anne replied to forgetful88's response:
    Yes I saw a urologist today. I was shocked. There was no infection (I've had several positive cultures recently but not today), and no blood in it. I haven't had a urine test without microscopic blood in over 15 years. I couldn't believe it. The doctor told me my symptoms are very vague and isn't explained by this. I had a CT and ultrasound as well and both negative. He mentioned it might be interstitial cystitis but I've read about that and I don't think so. I've only had problems recently. I've been very nauseated and getting fevers around 100 and feeling very run down. No one is doing anything about it and here I am using up what little fmla is left. Ugh!!!
    booch007 replied to delora_anne's response:

    Sounds so challenging for you and the docs.

    Glad the cultures were negative. Two things popped in my head. Above you is right, sex can continue the reinfection. It is the "milking of the urethral tubing (where urine comes out) that is the contaminating item.

    Having a clean genital area and then URINATING immediately after sex is a very good way to prevent this. Now I am not saying this is your problem, I know I had to learn this early in my life.

    "honeymoon cystitis" is an ecoli problem causing blood to show from the bladder wall and is VERY uncomfortable. Once I had the "rules down" more issues.

    Now as we age the canal is changed with children and muscle weakening and that can give that other posts complaint of going and then leaning forward to continue to empty. The muscles of the abdomen are weakening. Keagal exercises with tighting and releasing the pelvic floor and tighting and releasing the abdomenal ones too may help.

    IC( this is tough diagnosis) or really irritable bladder (for us) is part of FM. I get real complaints by the bladder when my back muscles have been pushed over the line. Pressure and frequency start but I am really fine...once I treat my back and rest I am in a better place.

    I hope you get this sensation issue figured out, as I know so well how uncomfortable it can be. Good luck.

    It is hard to find the right fit doctor...try looking into this book I use.

    "FM and Myofascial Pain; a survival manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl. ( It has so much information for the many complaints we have and how to use tools to help yourself. I have also brought it to the doctor and showed her to help explain myself.

    Good luck, Nancy B
    forgetful88 replied to delora_anne's response:
    Did you have him take a look @ the previous lab results where you had the positive cultures?
    forgetful88 replied to SilverDove7's response:
    When you see the urologist inquire if he thinks a "pelvic floor thearpist" would benefit you if they say there is not anything wrong.
    annette030 responded:
    Yes, bladder infections can make you feel very ill, including nausea. As long as you are having positive urine cultures, continue the treatments.

    Take care, Annette
    annette030 replied to delora_anne's response:
    I have Irritable Bladder Syndrome, a co-morbidity common with FMS. It feels like I have a bladder infection, but I do not ever test positive for one when they do a culture. Gabapentin has worked well for the symptoms of this for me. I was able to stop taking the med I had been on for some years.

    I had fevers of about 100-101 degrees for a year or so. My doctor did all the tests he could and they were all negative. It finally went away. I refused the bone marrow biopsy he suggested towards the end. He said that was the next thing to do. The fevers went away after about 1 1/2 years.

    Take care, Annette
    delora_anne replied to annette030's response:
    The doctor is suggesting a bladder hydrodistention to confirm or rule out IC. He said my culture was clear this time. Now I am getting hives and that is one of my other problems that flares from time to time. It is just one thing after another and I never know what's going to pop up and how bad and for how long. So frustrating.
    annette030 replied to delora_anne's response:
    You poor thing. He is right though, if you have clean cultures it is time to try other diagnostic tools to see what is wrong with you.

    I hope the hives clear up.

    Take care, Annette
    Screennamesrdumb responded:
    I have the same problem plus sometimes have to strain to pee. Went to a urologist and tested positive some of the time for infection. It took me six months to pay off the urologist so instead of going back to doctors who cost way too much and don't have answers, I started drinking a lot more water mixed with cranberry juice. This helped a lot. In addition, I avoided having sex anytime near my period. The chronic yeast infections I remedied with lots of non-fat yogurt every day and of course monistat the week before my period. This seems to keep them in control. My urologist gave me antibiotics to take prophylactically but I only take them if I have a urinary tract infection which happens now about once every six months instead of every month.
    katmandulou responded:
    A couple months ago, my urine took on a plastic smell. The doc thought I was nuts, I didn't have any pain at all, but I peed in a cup and had blood drawn. Turned out I had a borderline infection, and 12 hours after taking one antibiotic pill, the plastic smell went away.
    jennagale76 replied to katmandulou's response:
    Google Interstitial Cystitis. It's a bladder disease that can go hand in hand with fibro.

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