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American Academy of Pain Management new findings
canadjineh posted:
I found something very interesting today in an e-newsletter that I get from Medscape (I am signed up since I was a Rehabilitation Assistant before FM.)

At the 23rd Annual Meeting of the AAPM they discussed a study (presented on Sept 22) of an experimental non-invasive cortical electrostimulation to help the brain "deal" with pain messages. The study had a followup of two years and 76% of the subjects got off meds and had improved tenderpoints, general pain scores, and sleep. Here's more info in a link:

It might be worth printing out and taking to your physicians. I'm not sure what costs may be involved in the US as I am Canadian. Good luck, tell me what you think after you've read it.
dollbug responded:
Hello and thanks so much for sharing this link....I hope that everyone will take the time and effort to read the link...and there are even more good articles provided on the same page of the above article....which is well worth the reading...

This is really good that there are indeed some doctors who have finally taken us seriously....and realize that NO we are not *just depressed*....(I was labeled as being this for a long time)...

I do hope Dr. P will perhaps chime in here and give us all his overview of this study...

Take care and thanks again...


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Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Thank you for sharing this here, Canadjineh. Good to have reason to hope!
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annette030 responded:
It does mean to me that certainly more investigation should be done. But they only used a very small number of participants, 77, according to the article. Also it is very expensive.

When they get the price down, get insurance to cover it, and test many more people it will be afar better option.

I will keep looking out for more information about this.

Take care, Annette

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