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Muscle Spasms in head?
slovene54 posted:
Does anyone else get this a lot. I'll be just sitting at work and all of a sudden a sharp spasm happens along the side of my head. My neck is stiff and full of spasms all the time but the head spasms will just come out of nowhere. Anything you've found to help?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Slovene,

I'm responding because I think your post may have been missed by others and I want to bump it back up.
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Anon_408 responded:
I personally haven't had this happen to myself, but wanted to ask if you have mentioned this to your Dr.? Sometimes we tend to blame so much on the fibro, just chalk it off to another symptom. And maybe we shouldn't.

Especially if it's something new, or increasing in how often, or severity of the pain.

In the meantime, wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend, and hope you get some answers.
slovene54 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Anon_10089 replied to slovene54's response:
Hi, I also wanted to say this might not be FM. My mother in law had something that sounds similar called occipital neuritis. Of course that might not be it at all, but look it up. Her doctor prescribed lyrica and neurontin but she ended up just taking ibuprofen for it. It ended up going away on its own.

Again, please research this for yourself or contact your doctor. I just thought I'd through this out there because it sounds very similar! I hope you can figure it out-

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