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Natausha posted:
My FIbro started when I hit puberty. I had these horrible Migraine's an I felt sick all the time. It hurt to be touched. My lf hip was in so much pain all the time. Then after i had my Daughter i started having these debilitating lower back pain's no one could figure out what was wrong until i saw my chiropractor and described what i'd been going through all youth. He then told me about Fibro and said to talk to my Arthritis Dr. and see if he agreed. He said it was a revealingly new finding there was no treatment. Now 20 some yrs later I've lost a lot of weight an went on Lyrica I don't know if it's helping or not I still have chronic pain.
booch007 responded:
Good morning and welcome.

The thing with us here is WE are always in pain. Our meds and tricks and healthy life style can lower the tone somewhat but it is always there.

There are many things you can do to help yourself though. Under esources there is a post called "members toolbox"
Take a look in there for the many things we have all tried to help ourselves.

I bet you already do some without knowing it. The subconscious pushes us at times as well. Changed behavior happens and it is a learned thing.

Glad you found the board and have joined this wonderful fmily. They are a great group to help tweak you to better. Good luck, Nancy B
Natausha replied to booch007's response:
I am working with a pain counselor. Her college wrote a book called "Master your Pain" by Jill B. Fancher, PhD. It has a work book in it and it explains in detail how to use it. It is also written in easy language so you can understand what she is saying.

My pain clinic Dr. had me buy "Master your Pain Before it Master's You" last summer an I really didn't understand a lot of it.

The counselor I am working with is teaching me reaction tec. that are in the book. We are recording them so I can do them at home without having to read the book while I am doing them.
missist replied to Natausha's response:
sounds interesting.

I've had fibro almost 30 yrs. I'm just now getting decent treatment. I'm in way less pain now--but have other issues-- my dr says my cns is sensitized so basically its like having your nerves fire off all the time--so it causes anxiety an dizzyness and buzzing in my head etc..

so I take several meds to treat different things and I'm also trying to learn how to relax myself better to help anxiety from happening. Its funny didn't really know I had that--it was loud buzzing in my head that got my attention.
BetteK replied to missist's response:
Let's face it, we are all looking for some miraculous potion that will take our pain away. If there were such a treatment, we'd know about it.

Remember the major newsflash when Lyrica came out? Many of us were immediately put on the stuff. For some, it brought a lessening of pain (say from a 6 to a 3). For others it just didn't do anything. And for quite a few of us, it brought on enough side effects that we just couldn't take it.

If and when there is something--anything--that really works for at least most of us most of the time, never fear, we'll hear about it. Our doctors will hear about it. Our friends will hear about it. Our families will hear about it. And they will ALL be sure to tell us about this new, wonderful treatment.

Until then, it's wonderful that we can help each other here. We all have tales of things that worked for us at one point or another in our lives with fibro. And we share that knowledge.

That's why we're here.


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