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To continue Cymbalta or NOT
crystalgreeneyes posted:
I started taking 30mg of Cymbalta one week ago. The first day I felt pretty good but it kept me awake at night even with a sleeping pill. The pain really lessened (I was surprised by this quick action) The second day I felt queasy and tired and the third day, WHAM!! I felt so ill and fatigued, I just stayed in bed the whole day and slept on and off for most of it and I never sleep well. The next day I was dragging myself around feeling horrendous and again in bed all day after that. I thought to take it at night but the nausea is overwhelming. I don't know what would have happened if I had started with 60mg which is the usual dosage. My doctor has said he doesn't know what to do for me because I have such bad reactions to drugs. The rheumatologist I saw advised me to try Gravol for sleeping (seriously?) I don't know what to do. I really don't know if I should continue for a few more days and see what happens. I guess I could look for another doctor but it's kind of hard in the small community that I live in and there is only that one specialist. I found her to be very unhelpful. It's so difficult not having support from doctors or family members. There was a support group at the hospital but it was cancelled.
annette030 responded:
I would stick with the same doctor and ask him what to do next. Take the research from good medical sites to him and solve your problems together. You have much more time than he does to solve your problems.

I went to a support group a few times in the beginning, I found it a real downer, all they did was whine. No one in that group was seriously looking for answers to their problems. I have found this site to be much more useful. I am sure that different groups have different dynamics. If you really want to go to one, try asking at the local office for the Arthritis Foundation, they also cover FMS groups.

Take care, Annette

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