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Depression at night
jlocktardis posted:
Does anyone else notice that they're depression gets worse at night? I'll be okay all day, and then at night when I want to go to bed it just slams me from out of nowhere, and its always at night. Is it just me?
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

There are those who react to the loss of light as a trigger for feeling down. For me I would say if you are alone at night and there are no distractions can make things more "visible" to you.

In my world on the 3rd day off at 3-8pm when the house work has been done and the chores finished, the shopping completed and now i am "finished" and the house is EMPTY. I find myself worn out, body frail and I am frustrated in "just sit" and the emptiness gets me. I notice all my ills and frailties and it can pull me low.

I am always on the distraction kick....a project, a plan and music on in the house, TV going........silence is hard for me. I even talk tot he cat for the companionship she gives!

So, I can relate to evening lows and not an issue in the day when I am up and "doing". It is hard to turn off your head too when low thoughts are biting at inventful.

I have to plan my day when I have function so it is morning for me and out of gas by 3pm or so....and it begins. How I accept the end of the day will be how my head follows. Productive day.....OK, Wasted my time.....not so good.

Good luck, I am sure you are not alone in this. Nancy B
angelswife responded:
It's definitely not just you---I have trouble with that too. I find it's worse once I'm in bed waiting for sleep. Then the brain takes over and UGGGHHH. Life totally sucks and there's nothing left to look forward to. I am here at night more than I care to admit, but I pull myself out of it by making a mental list of everything I'm grateful for. Then I can fall asleep saying thank you instead of life stinks. Hope this helps.
fitzgift replied to angelswife's response:
I like this and I do the same it helps thanks
jlocktardis replied to angelswife's response:
That's it exactly, like when I lay down to go to sleep, it just slams me. Thank you so much.
annette030 replied to jlocktardis's response:
This would happen to me when my son was overseas. I would just repeat to myself all the prayers and poems I had memorized as a child. One after another, over and over. This along with meds, would help me to sleep.

I think once the days distractions are over with, one has the time to think of all the bad things that can happen in life. Keeping my mind busy for a bit longer while I fell asleep helped me.

Take care, Annette
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
It is so easy to lose myself in the darkness when the day winds down and I find myself alone and I guess you might say vulnerable this is the time I meditate and try to divert some peace from my soul into my mind... Not allowing negative thought... but the thoughts of the sunshine that shared my day... or the rain I seldom see in AZ... I love watching the rain... and I love the fresh smell of the world while it rains... I can meditate and see the rainbows of life... Though I may never find my pot of gold I can always appreciate it's beauty...

So I meditate... and find the things I am grateful for and give up thanks... And I am always grateful to finish a day alive and as well as I can be...

I hope maybe this might help you too... It is simple to do... just lie down and breathe deeply in and out... I like to breathe in and say "re" and out and say "lax" "re-lax"... that gets my anxiety lowered and helps me clear my mind so I can think of the pleasant things like the drizzling rain... fishing in a slowly rocking boat... watching the first snow fall... feeling my husbands arms around me... walking in the woods watching the deer...

Then I can see the blessings I still have in my life... like I had a needed hug from my grandchildren today just when I needed it... and my son checked in on me to see how I was and I could tell him not bad... like my meds helped today so my pain was at least tolerable... or I got an hour to myself in the morning to start my day just right...

Sometimes I have to try harder then usual to find the strength in me to make it thru a day... especially when I am lonely for my husband who passed last year... but if I try real hard I can even feel him holding me up... and I am not alone again... I also find strength thru moment by moment acceptance of my life and myself... Finding ways to love this body that hurts so bad and is so riddled with illnesses... I have multiple problems and they aren't easy to deal with... It never fails they are all in combination when I am at my worst... but I keep telling myself what my drs tell me... I am doing everything right and can and will survive for a long time...

So please keep your chin up and find your inner strength and peace... accept yourself... love yourself... and your nights will be better...

I am never alone... I have me...

take care... love... Jan/Dakota
georgia888 replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
You have a good attitude, Jan/Dakota. It's only normal to feel sad with all we have to deal with; we just can't allow ourselves to grieve for too long. If that becomes a problem, then it is time to seek help.

The night time has a way of exacerbating any negatives. Even colds & flus become worse at night. Always having been a morning person, I normally turn in early at night. This allows me to escape those negative night feelings.

Most of us seem to suffer from co-existing conditions. The Fibro alone would be bad but with others added in, it can become brutal.

I was forced to take early retirement as a result of my conditions & taking care of my body has become my full-time job. I'm grateful that so far, the conditions can be managed.


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