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Sunday ****10/7/2012 *****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....MiMi in NC...where it is cold....damp and going to rain today....OMG what a day....I had a bad day yesterday after getting up too early several days in a row....well, this finally caught up with me...doing this makes it so hard for me to function during the day and it seems like I can never play catch up with the rest...don't quite understand this but a nap does not help me when I get up too early...a broken sleep pattern for me is bad....and then this kind of weather is not helping either.

It is time to wear the cuddl duds today...I sleep in them all the time but when it turns cold then I can put on a pair under my pants and it helps to keep me warm. Anyone who has problems trying to stay warm in the weather should definitely try them. They are extra light and soft which feels good next to the skin as well.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest. I hope today will be a good day for us all.

So much going on will be a busy time of the year from now until New Year for a lot of people...the stores have already put out Christmas decorations...I think it gets earlier each year. Soon we will have bright lights and music also.

My DH and younger son are getting ready for their trip out West...I am sure they will enjoy this. 10 days is a long time to be gone at one time. I hope Noah will be ok with this....the modern technology will help some as he will be able to see and talk to his daddy.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. There are no quick fixes though to living with the wrath of the dragon, aka does take a trial and error process which does take time and effort...with whatever you decide to do please allow at least 6-8 weeks so that you can hopefully tell a difference in the way you feel....what works for one may or may not work for you. We are all different and things may react different to you.
I have found this true also in taking vitamins and supplements. All of them are NOT the same. It is interesting though that sometimes I can find a *brand name* and anything I try will be a good thing for me...source naturals is a good one for me. I take the Fibro Response and Magnesium Malate.

Vitamin D. is important for a lot of people these days. Be sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D is a simple blood test but you must ask the doctor to run it is NOT included in the normal bloodwork that the doctors do.

Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people....I know it sure did make a BIG difference for me....and according to the medical researchers low Vitamin D can also affect other illnesses as well.

Here is hoping each of us will have a good Sunday...I do hope some of you will have some sunshine....don't think it will be shining here though.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
booch007 responded:
Good morning CUDDLE-DUD*. I can just picture this! Do they have a butt flap? Or are they 2 pieces? Ha! Are they red?

I judge people by their colors at times.....a red jazee chair*, Flaming cane.....a guy comes in the office with bright yellow pants with a hat that has a band that matches..."he is a looker". Ha! I applaud the outstyle some people many different personalities, but I *play with all of them.

If the time they are with us in the office isn't fun*** NO ONE will come back, they know we are good at the medical end of it, but they don't have to hear about it all the time....

So what color are those Cuddle-duds? Bet you say baby blue!

Good morning Fmily and Mimi,
I had the LAST of the leg surgeries yesterday, no too bad. The laser is painful like a bee two zaps at a time,all I could take, then asked for a swipe of the gloved hand (the way they wax you at the spa) (diversion of sensation) HE FINISHED ALL the spots I needed with the one syringe and the little laser buzzing around. It was more that he only had an hour to play with the leg.........

I had side effects from the injection did the woman ahead of me, she near passed out by their exit door.......I had nausea and an underlying headache......he asked me twice if I get migraines , but I don't. So......It took about an hour to be a bit better and then a 3 hour nap happened.

I iced the zones and was asleep. I am amazed the FM/CMP is being so good. Today I must move.....laundry is waiting and I am supposed to go apple picking with the family here......30 of us. I play the Italian music out of my car from the iPod and we have homemeade wine and foods from everyone on the various blankets that have been in the family forever..Many pictures taken and I will bring the iPad so i can get them on FB. Something I don't do very often.....

It may we have a plan of 10am cut off for rain and then we will meet at 3pm for Polenta (corn meal) which is a peasant staple from Italy with as many things as you can think of on top of it....(roasted peppers, stews, lamb, broccoli rabe, zucchini and onions in sauce etc)....and the homemade wine.
We are 2 tables now. The one is the length of the room of my SIL house and we need the dining room too now. All the next generation. Good stuff to "stay together".

I am tossed to go but don't want to miss the Grands together, so I bring a chair to sit and if good i will walk with them to the pumpkin area. Poor year for apples, they are binned and bought by the farm it is more the atmosphere...the blankets, memories of those passed 4 now are gone, and the new ones who have arrived. A "tradition".. need traditions.....

So, I will wait for the weather to tell me what I am doing.

I think for me with the CMP that I have when I don't work I am in a good is when I push these muscles to perform that I am in trouble. So with the surgerys I rest....and I am OK in the CMP department. I don't know, who can figure us out.....few if any.

I hope the sun is out by you and you get OUT in it, Vit D is important to all....wether you MAKE IT or swallow it. There is alot of gain being OUT. So make an effort. "saunder around" take some music with you for company and look at the changes and the beauty around you. Nature is overwhelming when you look really close......take a good look at the precision of a spiders web....amazing, the strength of an ANT carrying I think 10 times their body weight!....the dances of butterflies..
Listen to the songs of the birds sharing something we will never understand....OK, I am getting mind is in the backyard.

Still missing that HUGE tree we cut down, I haven't been out there for 2 weeks now . It is powerful that it is gone, but my yard is so clean from leaves and mess now. BUT a murder surely happened here .

OK, long winded again...can you tell I have been shut in? Ha!
Have a better day with low pain today fmily. NanaB
dollbug replied to booch007's response:
Hello Nana B....they are Cuddl Duds...2 pieces...I get mine at Sams....but other places also have NOT be fooled by another name though...make sure you get the Cuddl Duds...because they are the *best*...I wear them in all the time to sleep in...summer they are cool, winter they are warm...Nope, I do NOT understand how this can be...but I know that it is true for me..

In the wintertime I wear them under my clothes and I can stay warm....they are can get them in Black, white, and gray (this year it this is a new color)...and some colors...I have a pink/black leopard color..(new this year also)...they are a bit expensive...about $12 each piece...but they are GREAT...

I am glad that your surgery is over with and I hope you will feel better soon....sounds like you have a lot going on though....please be careful and not over do while you are trying to recover...

There will be no sun here it is raining off and on and we have had loud bouts of thunder and lightning this morning...

Take care..feel better soon.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
angelswife responded:
Good Morning, Mimi!
I lasted five hours at the bake sale...I was swatting yellowjackets all day because the table was unknowingly set up next to the biggest nest on the property. The entrance hole was as big as my fist and the yellowjackets were zooming in and out the whole time. Of course they LOVED our table, lol...All those sweets! We ended up arming ourselves with one of those zapper flyswatters (it puts out 3,000 volts) and the bodies piled up. I was vigilant about swatting because I have gotten allergic to them and I didn't have any Benadryl. I really don't like yellowjackets.

The event was on a farm---they had bluegrass music all day, and the food was to die for. I haven't eaten like that in so long! They had hamburgers made from their own grass-fed beef, and they added cheese and ground flaxseeds to the meat. The cheese came from their own cows, and it was melted in through the meat. It was beyond good! They also had homemade macaroni and cheese, again with their own cheese in it, and grilled ears of corn straight from the fields.

I had TWO hamburgers, (OMG) a big helping of the macaroni and cheese, and an ear of corn the size of a baseball bat. I couldn't stop eating---it felt so good to be full! Eating until I'm full doesn't happen too often these days, and our own food is nowhere near as good as this was. Once I started I couldn't stop. The lady running the table with me was shaking her head at the amount I put away, but I didn't care. I was too happy to be having real food.

After five hours, the cold front came roaring in...The sky turned black, and the wind, which had been strong all day, got even stronger. The temperature dropped sharply, and then it started to pour. I called Husband and said I was ready to come home, so he came and got me. I couldn't believe how fast the weather shifted! The wind was going right through me, even with my polarfleece top on. I was glad to get inside and out of the rain.

This morning it was 36 when I woke up, and the apartment was 63. I was trying to make do without the heat, because Husband doesn't want to turn it on until November. But Husband woke up with a bad sore throat this morning; and as soon as he came out of the bedroom, he said, "It's @#$%! FREEZING in here!" And he promptly turned the heat on. I know he's sick because he that's the only time he feels cold. I will have to keep my distance until he's better.

Happily, my impending cold seems to have evaporated. Perhaps it was all that good food yesterday---I did feel better after I stuffed myself. The only thing I'm dealing with is the perpetual congestion and the clogged right ear. That is stubbornly refusing to budge no matter what I do. Even my jaw hurts on that side, and I've had a toothache (which is funny because the tooth that seemingly hurts has had a root canal and there's no nerves left in it to hurt). I am going to put some heat on that ear today and see if that helps.

I have to get ready for church---it's 9:00, yikes. Hope everyone has a good day!
rudyandirmouse responded:
Good Sunday morning MiMi and everyone. I hope your yesterday was nice and that you were able to do all those things you had planned on doing. I also hope that your yesterday was fibro issue(s) and pain free.

MiMi, it's cold here too. It feels down right wintry. Went to church service last night and everyone had warmer clothes and shoes on. I had a coat but realized I should have worn a scarf and warmer blouse. Ugh, it was nippy. It's down right cold this a.m. as well. I came down from up stairs and you could just feel how cold the house was. I went around turning on the wall heaters and portable radiators. I am sure DH will use the fireplace this evening.

But thankfully I'm not feeling the bone pain yet from the cold weather. For me the change from warm to cold is a sure sign I'll start having fibro flare ups. I am so hopeful that with the bump up to 50,000 a week of Vit D I will not have any deep bone pain or daily bouts of burning skin this Fall and Winter season. Vit D3, as I have said before, is not the magic bullet or cure all for those of us with fibro, but darn close to it. Vit D really does do the body good and it dose help take pain deep bone pain away.

We took down the last two humming bird feeders yesterday and brought in all the plants. It is going to warm up again in a few days, thankfully, so the plants can back outside again in another couple of days, but it's looking like I will be playing " take um out, bring um back in " for a few weeks until they have to stay in the house or basement until next March.

DH wanted to pressure wash the back part of our house this a.m.but it's raining. He got the front and sides done this past week and left the back for this a.m. Not looking like it's gonna happen. It is supposed to clear up by noon, but by the time that happens it will be FOOTBALL FOOTBALL on TV so there goes the rest of the day. Am guessing he'll get around to it when them weather gets warmer by mid week.

MiMI, I hope your DH and DS enjoy their trip out west. It's a nice time of year to travel west. And I am sure you and Noah will have a wonderful 10 days.

Angelswife, I thought of you last night while at church service, aside from saying prayers for your speedy recovery as I do each week. I saw so many ladies with scarfs. I saw so many pretty ones last night, but I didn't see a single one that had yarn like mine. I just know that mine is a knock out and I will get a lot of complements on it. So I can't wait to wear it.

I guess I should get up and head out to get the Sunday paper from the corner store. I am a coupon cutter and always make sure I get the ones in the Sunday paper. I also get them on line and on my phone. I am not sure how much money I've saved over the years using them but I know for sure during those really hard money strapped years having a cents or dollar off coupon has enabled me to buy something I needed because with it's discount I had just enough to pay for it.

Even thought DH and I are getting to the light at the end of the tunnel I have not forgotten how hard these last 5 years have been.It should have broken up our marriage it was that hard. I have been humbled by the years of having nothing and with that in mind I live within our means. No more buy now pay later. If I don't have the cash for something I just don't buy it, because I just don't need it. Because of that I live a whole different life style. I shop with coupons, spend wisely, shop at Goodwill or thrift shops, I look for the clearance and deeply discounted racks in every store I go into .In fact I head for them first not matter what store I'm in. I buy only what we need and will use by the sell by date. I feel empowered by what I've learned the Hard Way.

Let me close this here. Here's wishes each of you a great that is pain free with no fibro issues to speak of.
Gentle hugs to all. L
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Good morning... It is so nice here sitting on the porch drinking coffee reading the messages... And feeling fair to middlin...

I am still in a lot of pain and have a bad cold now.. but I am sorta OK... I had a mediocre day yesterday and spent most of it in bed watching movies... but I watched some great spiritual ones and a couple of tear jerkers that make me feel so blessed... They were good for my spirit... I needed that yesterday as the grandkids mom was over to visit and when she leaves now I have to give my all to them to get them not to be upset anymore... My poor granddaughter cried so hard for her... They kept asking why she just can't stay here again... And her being in the process of kicking her husband out again and begging my son to take her back... I think she had something to do with that... It was hard telling them that Daddy was hurt by how she hurt them when she just up and left again... and Daddy thinks it is best she just visits... Right now she visits here because she is using the kids to get to him and having them ask him to take her back and such... and also her abusive husband is still around... so they don't visit there right now...

She told them that she left because I didn't like her and yesterday I had about 3 minutes to ask her to be christian about this... She is mormon and I never said I didn't like her... just the things she has done... Like walk out on her family 4 times now... and being abusive towards my son... I actually feel sorry for her for she is missing a great life here... and atleast her son who is 5 now is starting to see thru her... but the 4 yr old daughter is easily confused... I asked her not to hurt the kids with vicious lies and instead start giving them the truth... Like a good christian mother would do... She had very little response... Except that I act like I don't like her in front of her children and I don't... I told her I do care about her... I just want her to stop hurting my loved ones...

So it was a painful and difficult day... but her visit only lasted 4 hours and the kids mellowed out with an indoor picnic on my bed with a Yogi Bear movie...

Today is a rest day for the most part... My son has to go in to work to interview someone this morning and then doesn't work until 4... So if I want I can watch some football in my room in peace... My boys don't play this weekend... They need to come back playing football instead of not showing up for games and getting beat badly... like they did last weekend... 6 interceptions in one game is hard to live down... But I still love my Cowboys lol...

I have the kids watching superman to keep them away from daddy so he can sleep another hour... and I guess I will close here and read some more... My hands are bad today... so I need to rest them...

You all have a nice day and hope it is as pain free as possible... take care... love... Jan/Dakota
jmorr responded:
Good morning...It is a fine sunday (so far). I just posted another discussion about the does affect the FM and RA...and like you, i wear a type of longjohn all winter on top of layers of clothing.....i just cant seem to stay warm and when im warm im not in as much pain....i have a hard time getting in and out of the bathtub so i have to take more showers. If i lay and soak in a warm tub, it helps, but its getting harder to get OUT of the tub...God i love getting old dont you? Sometimes my sarcasm helps me deal with this. I can joke but be serious and funny at the same time. It is what it is. I have had my vit d levels checked to. But i drink a ton of milk...I have always done that. and my bone structure so far is pretty good and my levels are i havent had to take extra D.....but like everyone else, some days are better than others. I just came off a flare-up about 2 weeks ago that took me down for a week...and thank god i have FMLA....i also work from home which makes it so easy that when i have to get up and move or lay down, i have that freedom and dont have to worry about losing my job....FMLA is anyone knows what that is, protects my job from absence...but you dont get paid for it.....And i totally agree with the type of clothing you wear. sometimes what i wear just hurts as its to heavy or doesnt keep me warm....and the other nite i fell. And that scared me pretty daughter wants to get me a lifealert bracelet or whatever they are...god, im not ready for all this!!! Oh well, my prayers, love and thoughts of positive energy go out to all in need today........have an awesome day

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