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Fibromyalgia and myo...something dont remember how to spell it.
SilverDove7 posted:
Is there a difference between the two or are they pretty much the same?

annette030 responded:
Are you comparing FMS to myofascial pain syndrome??? It is my understanding that FMS is a more generalized body condition and MPS is usually limited to a specific part (quadrant) of the body. I have never had MPS, so I could be wrong, besides I am only guessing that is what you are talking about.

Take care, Annette
booch007 responded:
I like to say they are cousins. I have no fibro fog....I am trigger points (specific muscle areas that are palpable spots that are congested muscle tissue, ameniable to triggerpoint injections. FMS is tender zones and all over pain sensation issues.

I am primarily upper body and neck, shoulder girdle....where FM is upper and lower body findings.

In the book, FM and Myofascial Pain; a survival manual, by Dr Devin Starlanyl and Dr Copeland ( you are explained it more in depth of the difference in us. And she feels totally separate.

My neurologist and Dr P here feel we are the same. I* will say we are different. I will say we are under the same umbrella . It is a chronic pain situation . And the tools we use to be better are the same, just that I have tight chords and bands of muscles that are spastic and painful and FM does not.......

??? Did that help?

OK, Hugs from me, Nancy B CMP*.........

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