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dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Welcome to our dear family... I am sorry you have FM but it is always nice to make a new friend...

It is hard to deal with people who think this is in our head... and even harder when we have a good day and they think we are pill poppers... Here you will find a great amount of understanding towards that... We probably have all been faced with that at least once...

The greatest acceptance I have found I need tho is my own... It was hard to add another illness to my list of many, especially one there was no optimistic cure for... I have heard for many years that Dr's have done all they can do... But rarely that there really isn't much they can do... without even trying... Then to have them try this and this to no avail...

Then I found a pain management that treated my other physical problems that cause pain and found out that I was one of the lucky ones... pain killers help my FM... So I take morphine 3 times a day... and soma twice a day... and tramodol and percoset as needed 4 times a day... I tried the miracle drugs lyrica and cymbalta and am allergic to both... had bad times with them... and naproxyn and gabapentin did nothing for me... and I was on huge doses...

I have tried some herbs and vitamins and they got to my already messed up digestion... which is very picky since stomach cancer...

I am a multi problemer... the Dr's like to call me a challenge lol... FM almost being a minor problem likes to follow suit and flare when the RSD, MS, and Parkinsons has gone wild... Right now they are all 4 wild... So I no longer have what they call silent and/or unseen illnesses... I am about to relearn my voice program again... but typing is good therapy... and my spell program can come up with most of my words thru my mistakes lol...

I count myself lucky now that people can look at me and see there is something wrong... When they couldn't the ridicule was pretty bad in my neck of the woods... Even my parents called me a looser... But with Dr records and pamphlets and books on what is going on in me they have come around a bit... They don't like the meds I am on nor the amount I am on... 40 pills a day... plus a couple here and there lol... but they are trying to understand... They don't have to live with it tho... They are in SD and I am in AZ...

My 3 kids and 7 grandkids are my life lines and my main support... I live with my youngest son and my 2 youngest grandbabies... 4 and 5... I help watch them when I can... Due to my illnesses being so active now he is putting them in an afterschool program so I only have them a couple of hours before bedtime when he works... Other then that he pretty much takes care of me... My oldest son is in VA but always knows when to call lol... and my babygirl is in NM with her husband and my other 5 grandbabies and she usually knows when to call too lol... I usually talk to them daily... but they have busy lives too... so it slows down now and then... and I hermitize now and then lol

I am hit with some heavy stuff these days so I am going to move on and rest... I don't know if my rambling helped but I hope it did... take care...

Love... Jan/Dakota

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