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natural treatments and weaning off prescriptions
sekhmet posted:
Hey all, I have been on lyrica (75mg twice a day) and zoloft (25mg once a day) for 3 years or so now and I would really like to not be any more. Does anyone have any experience with weaning off these drugs? I would also like to try treating the issues at hand naturally, and I was wondering if anyone had any success stories with anything. I can not take magnesium anything as I also have IBS-D so magnesium will not help that situation. I am already on 4000iu of vitamin d a day as well.
thanks in advance!
Anon_2912 responded:
You may ask your doctor about weaning off of them.

I was medication as well for FM for about 3yrs, lyrica, zanaflex, flexiril (sp?).

For me I just got tired of the pills so just stopped one day. I didn't ask my doctor nor tell him, I just stopped.

I did not have any issues stopping them after years on them. I got sick of the side effects, especially mentally.

Now I take Advil, b12 & b-complex. I do take ambien for sleep.

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