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another med bits the dust
jmorr posted:
Hi all. Been away for a bit....and yes, what alot of activity going on...Well, im just reporting that another anti-depressant the doc tried on me is not working.....the VIIBRYD has given me a very bad case of diareaha..and it lasted for almost 5 days....i thought that i was wrong, so i stopped taking it for a bit, then tried again once my stomach was better, and boom, again...I have never heard of an anti-depressant doing this.....I think for me, i see my dr again this saturday...Im just going to stay on my allupironal, meloxicam, valium and pain med....i cant handle all this stress of what is working and whats not.....i have had steroid injections for my back issues. But mine were done last year. This is another thing that i think about...meds in general. Either they work or you find yourself with something you didnt anticipate..this is why im going back to old meds....and trying something natural now....sometimes old school is just better....well all, have a great day
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Jmorr,

You're not the first person I've heard reporting the same problem, depending on the anti-depressant. So you're not alone in this.

I hope sticking with your old meds helps.
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dakotaspirit1957 responded:
I have a very touchy tummy and have that trouble show up quite often... You need to hang in there and find the right mix... I am working on the mix right now again lol... I just love making my Dr's nuts lol... I have one more to drive nuts this month and then I pray a week off... mmm.. Well... I don't always get what I pray for lol... usually someone calls and says I need to have you do this or I need to see you...

Lost my train of thought I think.... lol....

Anyway... I will pray you find some help soon...

Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota

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