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Lidocaine and vitamin d
Paragon posted:
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost 21 years ago. I have tried many meds that never worked. Lyrica , savella and gabapentin are horrible. I had the worst side effects from all 3 including my hair falling out. I have been on Effexor,norco and morphine for 5 years. I quit the morphine and Effexor 3 weeks ago. I am going to approach my dr in the am about iv lidocaine therapy. I had my vitamin d. Levels tested and norm in about 35,000 mine a whopping 16. I have worked at night all my life and cannot figure out why I had to get asked to be tested. Since vitamin d helps with synthesis of other antioxidants would one think that I am also deficient in these also? I have bought other vitamins to start but not sure if I have the right ones. Does anyone know what I should be taking. For those of you taking Effexor be careful. I have been taking a different brand for 4 months. And have been even sicker. Ssri withdrawal which includes electric zapping pains everywhere on top of the burning pain I have everywhere. Hence, my decision to cold turkey it. Figured if I was already having withdrawals why prolong it.
mringheimer responded:
I have heard of the lidocaine iv. My Doctor knows nothing about it. Can you explain what you do and what you go thru while getting this treatment. Does it really take some pain away?
csshughes responded:
I'm scared to be on a pain drip like that... I'm only 23 lol. But my situation is similar in the aspect that Lyrica and Gabapentin are HORRENDOUS and they made me way more sick but in different ways. I didn't know about the hair falling out.... Please explain this to me... I have been seeming to lose more and more hair in the shower and didnt really think anything of it

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