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    Flu shot and Fibro.
    debrabrooks1960 posted:
    Hello everyone,

    I am up late due to terrible restless leg syndrome and total body aches. I took the flu shot Monday. I started feeling achey by Wednesday . Yesterday and today every joint in my body hurts. I have never felt so bad after a flu shot? Plus I m waiting to hear from my orthopedic doctor. I have to have exploratory surgery on my knee. I had all my pre-op surgery things done yesterday. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow . Has anyone else felt this way after a flu shot? I pray everyone will have a good weekend.

    Soft hug to all, Debbie
    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    squarley responded:
    angelswife responded:
    Hi Debra---that happened to me too. To add insult to injury, I also got the flu a few weeks later because the strain that came in wasn't included in the vaccine. I will never do that again!
    annette030 responded:
    I get a flu shot every year, and have never had any kind of reaction.

    Take care, Annette
    foreversore responded:
    The last time I had a flu shot was 11 years ago when i was pregnant. My OB insisted on it because I worked in the medical field. The injection site was swollen for a week and the arm was sore and difficult to use for a week. I also got the flu twice that year. I have not had a shot in 11 years and I haven't had the flu either.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    I HAD the flu when I was in my 30's and didn't think I would survive it. IT is an awful experience. I know in my late 50's now I wouldn't make it. So I have taken the shot every year since.

    I also have a high exposure for the flu with what I do for a living.

    I give the flu shots too. This is not a live injection and therefore can't make you sick, but it takes 2 weeks after the injection to have helped the antibodies to peaking levels. >

    So I warn the patients to be careful during this time , they are vulnerable to catch a cold from someone they kissed or the filthy shopping carts they touch......(those kids with runny noses or strep throats and are out in the world holding that handle....) (this is how that wipes have come to the shopping stores!).

    In saying that. In my experience I have seen that people who NEVER get innoculations or immunity boosters, they have greater reactions, such a sore arm...feeling different, even feeling ill.

    The value of this injection for me far outways the risks.

    What we are giving in this years is a tri-valent mix of Type A, type B and H1N1 flu.

    Also, I am now using the PREVNAR (lifetime) pneumonia shot that doesn't need repeating for those over 50 at risk for pneumonia. I WILL be taking this soon for me. I had pneumonia twice now in past years.

    THIS ONLY guards against pneumococcal pneumonia (but this is the one that kills you as you age). I will say when I have had pneumonia the FM/CMP was out of control....I had BONE PAIN like cancer before I was diagnosed each time. My x-ray in the ER did the rest......when I went in with pain that I couldn't handle. One bacterial and one viral pneumonia.

    So, for me, I am a strong believer in these injections for the patients I see, and the risk the flu presents for them. NOT all take it, but I am always being sure they understand that a bad cold IS NOT THE FLU....(may I never meet him again)

    I am sorry you are not feeling well, sounds like the system got really triggered (good shot). Share that with the doc so he knows. Your arm is OK? not overly sore or reaction at the site? This should go on the record.

    Good luck with the knee as I was just on that path too, I feel for you. I escaped without intervention just TLC !! (lucky me).

    Take care.......Nancy B

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