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Took a drive in the country
gdsjoy posted:
Had rain last night, must be why I was out with pain all day yesterday. But, after driving my two oldest boys to school this morning, was HOOKED on the air and took my youngest on a drive in the country. Love the smell after it rains. We drove around, he took pictures. I slept all afternoon, horrible pain and migraine now, but was a good thing to get out. Can't say I got the blues today. I am happy with the day, no matter how I feel right now. YEAH!
xperky responded:
Spontanaity is something we FMers tend to let go of. I'm so glad you had a good spontaneous adventure. I bet the pictures will create good memories for you and your youngest as well.
With Compassion,
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
gdsjoy It is so great you got out and now feel the promise if the reminiscence of a good rain and God's heavenly blessings witnessed in the countryside... I envy you so... It has been so long since I have even gone to Walmart I forget where it is lol... I get out only too much to see my Drs but that isn't always all that joyful lol... It is good to get out tho... and I always sit outside now and wait for my van to come pick me up... Too bad they can't take a scenic route home lol... Maybe I could kidnap one of the nice ones lol... no that's against the law... lol...

But here is to you... Guess it is time to go back to the South Dakota website and see some of them thar mountains lol... and take a walk thru memory lane... If only I can find it again...

take care and enjoy your great day...

Love... Jan/Dakota

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