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Dental implants and fibro
lb707 posted:
I have a question about how people with fibro fair with dental implants. If anyone has them did they have trouble healing? Or were you more prone to infection?

Have to choose between implant or a bridge that would have to crown two healthy teeth and an implant. The implant's scare me as far as healing...but an old crown must come out due to infection and it has been replaced before so they do not recommend doing it again.

Thanks ahead of time and hello to all.

Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Laura,

I'm just one person but I've had Fibro for decades and have both an implant and a bridge and didn't experience any problems of the kind you describe. (I've also had root canals and extractions and so on.) The only impact on me was the pain in my body after sitting in the dental chair.

But, while you're waiting for responses here, try also posting on our Oral Health Community for some expert feedback.
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lb707 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you Caprice,

Not looking forward to the time in the chair as I already have one bridge......implants way new to me so it scares I hate every moment of the dentist chair.

It is just so hard to decide which pain will be worse.....just gotta get the bad really old infected root canal out and fill the gap.

booch007 responded:
It is the cost that holds me back. I use a water pik to maintain the dental worlk I had done...I can add any antiseptic and mouthwash to it and it clears all debris out.

The girl who assist the dentist said "What is a water pik" CRIPES I am not that is great for bridges. I hate the flosser sticks, they hurt and I don't do as well a job.

I will say too, every time I go to the dentist for work I premedicate in the waiting room and focus on relaxing the rest of my body while in the chair. It is a trigger for me. I also need more frequent breaks for the cheeck muscles to recover, I actually spasm with my mouth open so long*. (who would think as I am such a yacker!)

I don't feel we are any more at risk for bacterial infections then anyone else. They have to be careful and if disease is inthere when they work.....put you on an antibiotic. I also rinse real well after my sessions and next few days with Listerine.

Well I hope you figure this out. My DH has refused an implant as he wants his Maryland bridge back (that is between teeth) not capped over. It is the cheapest way to fix....he had one for 15 years and this dentist won't do it.

They all want $$$$ implants. Yes they are better but when $$ is not in your hands to give............that is tough.

Good luck, Nancy B

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