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    TGIF - Another Week Gone 10/26/2012
    katmandulou posted:
    Hi, Lou here welcoming the last Friday of October. I couldn't find Mimi's usual note, so I'm starting today. Do you have your Halloween candy yet?

    Cool and breezy here, and the weather reports are abuzz with predictions for Hurricane Sandy. I hope you all have done what you need to do, and are safe if you're in her path. DH has made sure the generator has gas, and we have enough food for a few days.

    My art-time job has hit a bump in the road. I told them about a few days I'm not available over the next month; I have doc appts, support work for a couple of non-profits I love, and I've signed up to work on Election day. The store is giving me a whole lot od guff. My favorite was the email that said (and I paraphrase) 'you told us you were available 9am to 9pm, and now you're saying you're not.' I wanted to ask, "Are you going to pay me for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week?" I haven't heard from them in a couple of days, I'll check with them later today.

    A reminder to have your Vitamin D checked. When my doc saw my results last winter, he put me on 50,000 IU a day (by prescription) for three weeks. Now, I take 1,000IU a day. Make sure you let your doc know when you're feeling badly; I actually write notes in my phone so I remember!

    I wish you all the bast Friday - and the best weekend - you can possibly have. Stay safe!
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Lou!
    Haven't posted much...What I thought was a recurrence of the virus turned out to be strep. I had thought that might be the case when the sore throat kept getting worse instead of better. The doctor confirmed it last night---she took one look at my throat and said, "Yep---that looks pretty nasty. You've got white spots everywhere." I am SO lucky (NOT!!) Now I'm on antibiotics for the next two weeks.

    I didn't realize until last night that the strep bacteria are naturally in your system and it's the immune system that keeps them in check. The doc explained it because I was baffled how I'd gotten it. She said strep can happen after a virus if the immune system is weakened, because the bacteria start to grow and take over. That makes sense to me, because I was sick last month, and my immune system seems to head south every time the "visitor" rolls around. It was a double whammy, lol.

    I haven't had strep in over 20's really knocked me out. All I want to do is sleep, which is probably what I need to do. I plan to spend a couple of days hibernating with my tea and a crochet hook. At least I have the energy for that.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend...are you ready for next week's hurricane? We are here but I'm not looking forward to it. Our landlord never got around to fixing the roof!
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Hi all... Thanks Lou for morning post... I am wondering where Mimi is... Hope all is well...

    I am singing my new song yet today... "I do the Parkinsons dance...nananananananana... I'm in there someomomomwhere.... I'm doing the parkinsons dance... the parkinsons dance... the parkinsons dance..." It has gotten a bit better... the stress around here has gotten to me... I think now I need to create a good song for this FM flare lol... The FM dance with the dragon is worse then the Parkinsons lol... mmm I will think about that one lol...

    The Stress I have to deal with and just can't seem to do right,,, Now it might have just gotten worse... I will tell you about it in a message.... need to see if you know about it first... I think it was in the post that got lost... I don't know...

    I hope you all have a great weekend... and that today is a good day... take care...

    Love... Jan/Dakota
    dakotaspirit1957 replied to angelswife's response:
    Sharon... have you ever taken Probiotics... It is taking good bacteria {and I guess some bad lol} to help keep our natural bacteria in our bodies in check... I don't know if it will help but I have a bad immune system and digestion and it helps me... I may still get sick but not as often and not for so long...

    this is where I got some info on it when I started it.... hope maybe it might help...

    Hope you are better very soon... My prayers are with you always...

    Take care Love... Love... Jan/Dakota
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Lou.....MiMi in NC....actually I did start a post....and hit the submit button....came back later and I could not find it either.....weird....I have no idea what happened to it.....cyberspace bound, no doubt....Jan...I guess the computer is taking charge here...and doing whatever it feels like happens...

    Thanks for starting this Lou....

    Yesterday I did *early voting* that out of the way...thought I would have to wait for a very long time....but it was about an it was not that long...I will be really glad when all of this is done with...
    over a million took advantage of doing this...there have been problems reported with the touch machines in NC...(not a surprise though)...

    Halloween is just around the corner....with Christmas less than 2 months off now....OMG...time does fly by....with leaps and bounds this time of the year. I can remember when I was young that it seemed like Christmas would never arrive...perhaps it was just because I have always loved Christmas time....maybe because I was born close to it...I really have no idea...I do know that when a person is born this time of the year...they get birthdays seem to be no big deal...I guess because Christmas is such a big deal, for the most part.

    Welcome to the new members...I am sure that soon each of you will feel right at home...and you will find something that will help you cope better... seems like someone is expecting a lot from you...perhaps you should ask them IF they plan to allow you to work 12 hours a day and get paid for doing so...with time and a half for all over 8....(is this how it is suppose to be?)...I always had a salaried job....companies can then take advantage of the employees...regardless...I do hope you can get things worked out.

    As we are getting older....there are choices now that we must make...and I am not even sure I like doing this...I have gotten to the age where I can draw what little *pension* I have....not even enough to bother with...but it is mine..and I had to decide how to take it...It was not available as a cash out payment...but I can decide just how I want to set it up...the years depend upon the amount...the good thing is I can select to have it lifetime...with rights for my DH to draw should I expire before he many decisions to is funny how when we get older just how much life changes...

    And then when we reach 70....well, the *rules* change....the system then tells you what to do...funny just how things work....OR NOT....

    OK....I hope everyone had a good night's rest...and I also hope today will be a good day for us all.

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dollbug replied to angelswife's response:
    Hello Sharon....I have to you think your landlord could seal your roof with the stuff that you put on like paint? Surely there is something that can do done about it....I remember you saying what a time you had last year...I do not understand how he can get by with allowing the problems and not deal with them...

    Just a thought...

    I hope you feel better seems like we are always having something to deal with...

    Take care.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    dakotaspirit1957 replied to dollbug's response:
    Mimi... I am Glad I am not the only one cyberspace steals from lol... It was one of my best posts too... One I could use a re-read of today lol... But oh well... cyberspace said no... I guess it wasn't to be... lol... It will happen again given the right mood and time... I am one of those weird writers... and when it hits it must be lol... Write some of my best pieces after tossing in bed listening to one word or sentence in my head... May take hours for me to give in lol... May only take minutes... But when it is there it won't quit till it is either on paper or in cyberspace... lol... That was one of those pieces... It will return...

    Anyway... good not to be alone... take care and have a great weekend... Anyone in the path of the hurricane or tropical storm or whatev er... God be with you... Including my Son...

    Love... Jan/Dakota
    teelady1 responded:
    Good morning, all! Happy Friday!

    I am very happy it's Friday! I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend. I have a few projects to do around the house - but I'll have time for crocheting and relaxing, too.

    I had a very good night of sleep last night! Amazing what some good sleep will do. I feel so much better than I did yesterday. There also was a big change in the weather last night when a front came through. Seems like I get more and more sensitive to weather changes. Or I'm just more aware of them?

    Looking forward to a massage tonight - but also a little nervous. My regular massage therapist is out for 6 weeks on a medical leave - so I'm seeing a different therapist tonight.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday and weekend with little or no pain - and good sleep!
    angelswife replied to dollbug's response:
    I wish it was a matter of just sealing the roof! One of the support beams cracked back in 2010 during the bad winter; plus the outside (east side) is paper and bare wood. The paper is so old it's falling off the building. Whenever we get a storm from the east the water comes in everywhere.

    Back in 2009 the landlord had a dispute with the town. Someone on the Zoning Board who didn't like him claimed the paperwork was never filed when the apartments were built, and they were illegal. The town was going to shut the place down and make everyone move. The landlord took them to court and proved that he had indeed filed the proper papers when he built the place, so he won the case. He told the town he was going to sue them, and he hired a lawyer.

    Long story short, the town didn't want a lawsuit.They couldn't afford it, and they didn't want the publicity. They told him if he dropped the suit he would be left alone and they wouldn't bother him any more. If they ever break their word and start nosing around, he is free to take them to court and sue for harassment.

    He has lived here for over thirty years and he knows people in the right places, if you get my drift. He is also a little crazy, and no one wants to provoke him. So he is left alone to do as he pleases. He hasn't stayed on his meds this year and that has made him harder to deal with. We were planning to move out this year and then I got hurt.

    Yes, you are right---there is always something to deal with. It's a good thing I've got a long fuse and a good sense of humor!
    angelswife replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Thanks, Jan---I'm taking them every day. I have the antibiotics morning and night, and my probiotics at lunchtime. It's good to see you back on!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Afternoon...I thought when I went back to three hours of working, I would have more time to come on here..but this week has been hectic..and today stressful..

    I did go for the first part of my new crown on a tooth this past took 2 and a half hours in the dentist chair...and I go back for the second part next week. This is the second crown I have had lately...

    I also got a couple of extra hours at work this week, just doing some copying is long, boring and tiring. I may have to do some more on Monday...

    Jan..sorry the extra stress on you...

    Sharon...we will keep hoping you get a better place to live..they say it will be a hard winter..and you don't want to be sick all the time...glad you got to the doc and got some meds..hope you feel bettter.

    Dad was back in urgent care today..just the usual...he is dehydrated...i don't think they know why...

    my DS has some more stuff going on with I am worried about him...keep him in your prayers, please..or good thoughts or whatever...

    hope you all are doing ok..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    rudyandirmouse replied to fibroinsd's response:
    cece, really glad you've gotten back to 3 hours a day @ work.! Sorry tho the week was so hectic. I plan to apply for subbing next week and ask that I start, if I make it through all the paper work, in January. I will ask for a classroom assignment when when comes open. It's been so long since I had a classroom under me I am wonder if I still have the moxie to handle one.

    I am also sorry to hear your dad is dealing with dehydration. My MIL would have that happen so often I've lost count of the times I had EMT @ the house taking her to the ER. It's so hard to watch and know that everything you could have done was and yet they fall ill. I hope they find out why he's getting this and get him on some meds that help keep him outta the ER. ( For my MIL it was seizures.caused by a benign brain tumor. )

    And everything works out for your DS. I know as a parent it's always hard on us when our children, grown or not, have problems that we want to help them with.

    Glad you've gotten fitted for the crown. Always nice when things work out.

    Got you in my nightly prayers. Have a good today cece.
    Gentle hugs, Linda
    rudyandirmouse replied to angelswife's response:
    angelswife, I can't believe that this storm, maybe a once in 30 year storm, is heading your way and the roof isn't ready for it? OMG I now have another reason for disliking your landlord. Is he heading south to Florida as planned or is he going to stay and be of some help during the storm? Is there anything you or your friends can do to help the roof take the wind and rain at this point? If the roof is bad are you going to take your things out and take them to where they are safe? Are you going to stay there to ride it out or go and stay with family or friends? I know too many questions but I do worry. Please keep us posted. This is just so not fair.

    Glad you found out it's strep. And thanks for the info on it, I didn't know that it's always there, lurking / waiting / to flare up. Well I am so glad you are on meds now and on the mend. Do feel better quickly.
    angelswife replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hi Linda---I doubt he'll be around for it---we don't even know where he is. He comes and goes and stays gone for a month at a time. I thought he'd come looking for the rent when he blew through the other day, but he left as quick as he came in and we haven't seen him since. He hasn't been on his meds this summer so that doesn't help matters much.

    We've got everything we really care about (there's not much of it left after the previous water damage) off the floor and piled in the dry half of the room. We will ride things out here; but if we lose power for an extended time we'll go the the shelter like we did last year. It's not that far away.

    I was surprised it was strep, especially since I haven't had it for over 20 years. But the doc also said the allergies can suppress the immune system. We realized the couch has mildew in the cushions AGAIN, even though we've treated them repeatedly; so that is probably part of the reason I ended up with the strep. I am very allergic to mildew! I was breathing clear enough to actually notice the smell today, and I traced it to the couch cushions. So Husband will be treating them again. I'm willing to bet that's why his allergies have been bad, because he sits on the couch every night to watch TV. I don't, but I do wonder how long it's been smelling like that. I've been congested for over a month so I didn't notice.

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