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    People with Fibro. should avoid..
    crystalgreeneyes posted:
  • Avoid STRESS
    * Avoid the cold
    * Avoid sugar, wheat, dairy, pasta, nightshades and food in general
    * Avoid napping during the day
    * Avoid bright light, loud noise and strong odours
    * Avoid full time work
    etc. etc it's a long list

    People with Fibro. should expect..
    * to find kind and compassionate doctors or a Dr. who "believes" in fibro?
    * to have supportive family and friends?
    * to endure rounds of tests, pain medications, drug side effects and find little or no relief
    * to print lists of symptoms and info. for spouses and family members only to have them seemingly wonder what is wrong with you most of the time
    * to suffer in silence because you and they are tired of hearing about the pain and other issues
    * to attend various events with a smile because others expect you to when all you want to do is go home and get into bed
    * to expect anyone other than fibro. sufferers to understand the "invisible" pain
    * to "push through the pain"
    * to have people wonder why you "look so good" and how can you feel so bad?
    * to work if possible, cook, clean and take care of children with no one to assist you
    * to suffer with daily pain, migraine, IBS, PMS and or menopause ALL AT THE SAME TIME and have people wonder why you are irritable
    * to not be able to plan anything fun anymore because you don't know how you will feel
    * to lose so much of your former life that you feel reduced to uselessness sometimes
    * to endure the relentless nature of your condition day after day wondering, hoping and praying that it will get better..
    I ask how it is possible to "avoid stress" when all of these issues are occurring all or most of time and for many who are unable to work, have financial concerns as well??
    I put a smile on my face for my daughter. I love her and she needs me.
    My thoughts and prayers go to everyone and hope that you are safe in NY city.
    Anon_2912 responded:
    Are you seeing a thearapist? Not trying to offend you, but FM does more harm mentally then it does physically.

    I have FM, however, my life is not like this at all.

    I don't avoid anything I enjoy...I only live once...
    squarley responded:
    crystalgreeneyes replied to Anon_2912's response:
    Hi Anon Thank you. No offense. I meant it to be somewhat humorous but perhaps some would not see it that way. The points I listed came from things I have experienced and info. I have seen here on this site. If we avoided everything that some experts recommend we should, then life would be very dismal indeed. I enjoy sweets and bread and pasta but when I have this my pain increases so I don't have it. I could see a psychiatrist (for free) but they do not do therapy, they only write scripts for anti-depressants and I have had terrible effects from everything I've tried. If I could afford it, I would have therapy, massage, physio. or anything else besides medication, that would help. All of those treatments are very expensive and I am no longer working.
    I do the best I can without pain medication and very little sleep. You are fortunate that you are managing well.
    I wish you the best.
    crystalgreeneyes replied to squarley's response:
    Thank you. Hugs back.
    slovene54 responded:
    Pretty much sums up my life! Lots of hugs to you! At least we have this group that understands!
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    I tried to answer you and it got lost... I have so much to say about what you have said... Yes it does explain most of my life with FM and my other illnesses... Only with my other illnesses most symptoms are visible... Like my Parkinson's Dance... My MS muscle spasms that twist me... My RSD swelling and redness... I just say "take a look" now when they ask how I am doing... lol... but they can't see my FM when everything else takes a break and it stays on... They say I look so much better and inside I feel so much worse...

    I can't AVOID a lot of things that we are suppose to avoid...

    Stress is ongoing in my life... and I have always found that to avoid stress only makes it worse... I have to deal with it... almost categorizing it... can I do something about this... is this my stress or something I took on that I need to let go... Is this something that I have to accept and move on... Is this something physical or mental I have to get help with now...

    I can't avoid a lot of foods but then God took that out of my hands... lol... With my digestion problems there is very little I can eat and hold down... Pasta and sugar are both very much a part of my diet and I guess I am lucky for I don't see any pain increase when eating them... They are just 2 things that don't make me sick... lol... leave it to me to be strange...

    If I avoid a nap I get so over tired I can't sleep at night... so I nap...

    bright light I can avoid... get out of it... loud noise unless I can get away from it I can't avoid it...same with smells...

    cold... I do something about... I dress for it lol... or cuddle up under a nice warm blanket with my cuddly chiwawa... no she doesn't keep me too warm... more like she gets warm from me lol... but it is nice to cuddle her... lol...

    work... I don't avoid full time work... neither do you or anyone else here... We do what we can... If we can't go out and work that is what we have to accept... but never say we avoid work... I do what my body says I can do... I call it full time work getting out of bed and living a life worth living... And I do that every day...

    As for the People with fibro should EXPECT...

    I guess I lowered my expectations of my world a long time ago... Can you EXPECT others to always see things your way... Can you EXPECT others to understand what you are thinking without saying it... Can you EXPECT yourself to deal with this illness every day day in and out... and not have a moment of sadness... I gift myself a moment of sadness everyday for all my illnesses and what they have done to change my LIFE... When I feel sad for what they have done to change ME... I AM IN TROUBLE... for inside I have not changed except maybe for the better... I am still loving and compassionate to myself first then to others... I am still a good person who shares a life worth sharing on the inside... and I have bettered myself by allowing my illnesses to witness to others so that they can find strength and hope...

    I am not perfect... and I am as human as a human can be.. sometimes I get angry I can't do something or something is beyond my control... sometimes I get fearful and sometimes I lock myself up alone... sometimes I hate the illnesses and wish I weren't here... Sometimes I just cry and cry... And sometimes I have to feel all this so I can remember how human I am... I feel like a robot sometimes... the alarm goes off and I do the same thing moment after moment... just waiting for another alarm lol... I have them set for everything... meds... exercise... get someone up... get someone to school... home from school... another one on the bus... off the bus... more meds... more exercise lol... the only thing I don't have it set for is bedtime lol... I never know when that will happen lol...

    Acceptance is the key to my life...

    take care... Love.. Jan/Dakota
    crystalgreeneyes replied to slovene54's response:
    Thank you so much! hugs to you too. I am having a hard time dealing with all this because it's taken away so much. I don't tell anyone how I feel but I I thought I could rant here a bit ..
    My friends would say I am funny, kind and compassionate and I suppose they can't connect my outward appearance to everything I'm feeling.
    What a beautiful picture of the little girl!
    crystalgreeneyes replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    Thank you Jan for your thoughtful reply. Yes, there are days I cry and cry too but there are days when I talk non-stop and I laugh, a lot! There are days when I go like crazy and days when I lie in bed. It's day by day.
    Then I look at my beautiful daughter and I thank God for her every love for her keeps me going.
    slovene54 replied to crystalgreeneyes's response:
    Thanks!! I'm having a real tough time trying to deal with this too. I feel really trapped right now. I have too much going on it seems like to be able to deal with FM right now. I hope you find a way to make it a little easier for you. Always here for rants!!
    An_248463 responded:

    You hit the nail right on the head. In fact seems you were inside my head. Pray for me if you believe in GOD!

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