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    Long time with Fibro and Lupus
    analyzeall posted:
    I was diagnosed with fibro in 2001 and this year with Lupus. I've always had symptoms of Lupus since 2001 but not enough to have my chart updated until now. I had actually been in remission for several years until a few months ago. I had 2 surgeries within 3 months apart and that put me in a downward spiral. I am just now coming out of it after 3 months. My doctor has put me on Cymbalta and that has helped. We are hoping the Lupus goes back "to sleep". I've never been part of a community and thought it would help me.
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Analyzeall -

    I wanted to pop in to welcome you! My name is Elizabeth, I am peeking in this week while Caprice (the moderator of this community) is away.

    Connecting with others for support and advice is a great way to help battle symptoms of fibro and lupus. So sorry to hear what you have been experiencing but glad to have you join us.

    (Moderator of Lupus Community )
    An_248303 responded:
    Hi Hun... Welcome... This is a wonderful place to start for support and a great place to find love and understanding... I have multiple problems too but not lupus... cross my fingers.. everyone I know who has lupus says I do but the drs never test for it... I do have MS... RSD... and Parkinson's to go with this lovely disease... So I can understand at least having more then FM... I talk about all my illnesses here and they accept me just wonderfully... So if your lupus is over bounding your FM don't feel you can't mention it... I talk about my Parkinson Dance days all the time lol... That's
    what I call my days I have Parkinson's spells real bad...

    We all are individual and all are different but the same brings us together... FM... It can be so difficult to live with but with the people here I find it so much easier to do what I need to do to live a happy life.. I found that in 30 yrs of illness that I need to do 2 things every day of my life... or actually every moment of my life... I need to accept ma and love me for who I am inside... and I need to accept my illnesses and what they do to me everyday... Not forgetting yesterday's dreams but realizing that they just weren't meant to be...

    Today I have greater dreams and more personal... Number one being... to be a source of strength and inspiration to those around me... I still have it in me... and it keeps me focused on the good in life I still have to offer... You to have such strength and inspiration... We all do...

    I am only human tho and so is everyone else... we have our bad days... I get depressed... I get angry... I ask why... Sometimes to the point I don't want to be here... But then I come here nd I read... I am no longer alone the way I feel... I am no longer the only one feeling this way... And I get the greatest feedback and understanding I can find... Or you get the greatest feedback and just reading a post to you or someone else hits home and it is life changing...

    I hope you come here often... I sometimes just come to read for I can't always type... hopefully I will find just the right word program and not have that for an excuse not to socialize lol... I am a hermit at times when things get rough... But I always read... And it always helps keep me above water...

    I also use a lot of exercise and meditation day and night... and take meds for all and yes pain meds too... I live usually with level 4-6 pain level all the time unless my neck hits me hard... It don't like me lately lol... But hopefully the new MRI I just took will tell us why... I have deteriorating bone and disc disease too... even in my jaw... So they have to keep track of that too... and the pain meds usually help it but sometimes my neck and FM just won't give in to them... That is when I use a lot of meditation and hot and cold packs... lol... I am teaching my grandson how to tell time by counting my 15 minutes lol... He thinks it is nursing me lol...

    When one thing acts up the FM usually follows real fast.... I hope lupus doesn't follow FM like that... I have some friends with lupus but I can't say I know that much about it... Just that sometimes they need a lot of extra love just like me... They are now long distant friends so we really don't see each other suffer... We do it via phone... And it is hard for them I know... I hope your lupus goes to sleep again real soon...

    I guess I should shush up... Probably said too much already lol... Hope I didn't scare you away...

    Take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
    xperky responded:
    Hi analyzeall, I like your user name.

    This community is very supportive, so I hope you feel welcome here. It's scary that you have both FM and Lupus. So many here have multiple illnesses and we get how the FM can add to our overall feeling of malaise.

    Surgeries are hard on the body. Even a simple mole excision has brought on more FM and RA symptoms for me. It can take us a while to recuperate. I imagine other people don't understand why we are dragging our feet for so long!

    I do hope your Lupus goes back "to sleep" soon. I was wondering if you wanted to share what Lupus symptoms appeared after the surgeries? I know it can attack the kidneys as well as cause joint pains, etc.

    I hope you continue to do well with the Cymbalta!
    With Compassion,

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