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Fibromyalgia and ears ringing and fibro fog
mountaingal96 posted:
I am 56. I started falling apart when I hit 50. Always being active and loving teaching kindergarten, I knew something was wrong with me when I just got to where I couldn't move one foot in front of the other, I went to the DR who sent me to a cardiologist (stress test and turned out OK) and a rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. I HATE taking meds. I was already on BP med, thyroid med, and rheumatologist added methotrexate injection once a week, flexeril bc I wasn't sleeping, vitamin D3, and cymbalta. He got upset when I got upset about going on Cymbalta, just because I didn't want anything else. My pain is in check most days. My biggest thing was fatigue and even that is some better. What is bothering me now is EARS RINGING AND FIBRO FOG! Does anyone else suffer with this?????? I was afraid the Fibro Fog was Dementia bc of family history of that and saw a neurologist and had MRI and EEG and they were OK. I have had to cut my church activities and other things. It is annoying and scary at the same time. Please let me know if any of you suffer from ears ringing and fibro fog. How do you cope? Before my diagnosis, I had a HYSTERECTOMY (in NOV.) and saw DRs starting the next June. I had years enough to retire and did and now TRY to work P/T. Also does a traumatic event cause Fibro??? Before my hysterectomy, I lost both parents in the same school year and had been worn down b/c of their care the previous 5 years. PLEASE HELP!!!
dollbug responded:
Hello and welcome......MiMi in NC...sounds like you are dealing with a lot of issues right now...I am glad that you have found this unique FM support group...I am sure that you will soon find something that will help you cope better...

I hope you will check out the info under *tips* and *resources* where you will find some good *tools* that you might try to help you cope better...I have also had the *ringing in the ears and fiber fog* as well....there are days though which are worse than some not always understand as to why this is...(do you think any of your medicines is causing the ringing of the ears-be sure and do the research on them)...

In the beginning when I first got sick...I had a lot of *health issues going on* doctor was treating me for *depression*....and seemed to think that this was my only problem....I tried different kinds of medicines but did not find anything which really helped me enough without causing side effects...I soon found out though that I had to get to the root of my other health issues before I got better...

I ended up having parathyroid surgery, cervical (neck) surgery and carpal tunnel surgeries (5) elbow fix the health issues that I was dealing with...I am not even sure that I was even depressed at all...or perhaps I was depressed because I was dealing with so many other issues...I have no idea.

I eventually learned a lot about dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM....and finally learned how to control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well...I am having lower back issues right now...and the doctors thinks I have a SI joint problem...

I wish I could tell you that I have found something that will help your chronic fatigue issue...but I have not found anything that I feel has helped this for me....(yet)....I am still doing my own research on this though...there must be something out there that will help this...I just have not found it yet.

I am not sure either if there is anything that will help the Fibro Fog....mine comes and goes...some days it is worse than others...

I will share that learning how to pace, pace and pace even more helps me a lot...there are days when I feel like I can not do anything....but I get up and move...which is important for me so that I do not get so stiff...doing gentle stretches or exercises is also a good thing...(gentle being the key word here)...

I also use a heating pad as needed....stopain spray as needed (found at walmart and it is GOOD)...taking a hot shower at night using lavender bath salts is also good for me right before I go to sleep at night...and last but not least...I sleep in a recliner...(not by choice though)...I do this to keep my pain level down...

I have read that yes, traumatic events can start the chain of events leading up to FM...I think there are other things also or a combination of things which can also be the cause of it...not sure that really anyone even knows though, for sure.

When I first got sick I was also so sick that I could not put one foot in front of the other...and it was a very bad feeling...I am not so much better than I was then...

You indicate that you are taking Vitamin I am assuming that the doctor checked your Vitamin D level and told you that your level was low....this is really important for a lot of people these days....I happen to know that low Vitamin D caused additional pain for me...

I am sure that you will soon find something or a combination of things that will help you cope better.

Take care.


My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
Betakate4 responded:
I know what you mean about the ringing ears and the fibro fog. I have both also. Sometimes the ringing is so loud that I have trouble concentratiing on things as simple as a TV show. I struggle with brain fog daily. It is becoming more and more difficult to do my job. I just recently finished a round of steriods for my pain and so far it seems to have helped. I don't know how long it will last. From the things I have read mine may have been caused by a bout with Mononeucleosis. I have also read that a traumatic event can cause it. I really don't think thay know
fitzgift responded:
I have had ringing in the ears for along time 40 yrs I never thought of mono. But I had a severe case of it in my 20,s soon after I developed it. I was diagnosed with fibro in my 40,s seems to tie together fitzgift
mountaingal96 responded:
Thank you, Dollbug, Betakate4, and Fitzgift...!! Just knowing you are there with support really helps. Now I know I am not crazy with the ringing in my ears. I have to go to sleep with the radio or tv on to drown out the ringing. It stays all the time. The Fibro Fog is off and on but aggravating b/c I am having to give up positions in church etc. like secretary of groups where I have to remember lots of stuff. Thanks again for being here.
SherryAnne57 responded:
I have ringing in my ears, too. Started with just my right ear and now when I am in a flare or just exhausted my left ear starts to ring.

I also have 'brain noises'. I don't know what else to call it. It is not all of the time and it is almost like an electrical impulse type of noise. It has the same sound as the ear ringing but it travels and I hear it throughout my whole brain. I really wish it was voices in my head, atleast I could tell them to shut up and go away!

The fibro fog comes and goes. I will look at something that I did at work last week and notice a mistake and wonder 'where was I when I did that'? It's very humiliating when I had the ability to memorize everything I needed to use at work and now I can't even remember peoples names!
jennagale76 replied to SherryAnne57's response:
I have really bad fibro fog and ear ringing. They both drive me crazy.

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