Fibro Fog
mountaingal96 posted:
I started a discussion on this (fibro fog) and my ears ringing. I wondered if anyone had experienced either.

I hate y'all are going through this, but on a positive note, thank you. Thank you for posting what you are going through b/c you sure have made me feel better. I thought I had Dementia. It scared me b/c so many of my family members do have it and Alzheimers. I went to a neurologist and had MRI and EEG and checked out OK, Thank GOD!! I wonder what CAUSES us to do this????? My rheumatologist has not said anything about it. I did bring it up with him, but he sorta dismissed it, saying he had heard of it.

My forgetfulness is getting worse. My family really doesn't understand. It seems like they can understand the pain (mine pain is secondary) and the fatigue (VERY bad) more than the fibro fog. I am teaching p/t and wonder how long I can hold down my job. I HAVE to write everything down I want to remember. I make a mess of looks like hoarders b/c of clutter (not really that severe but bad enough that my daughter said something about it.), trying to be secretary of my church's women's group and I can't keep up. It grieves me that I can't do what I think I ought to be doing!!!!!!! Then I get in a give up mode!!!!

I wish you the best.
xperky responded:
Hi. Yes, I experience the ears ringing all the time. It seems worse when I am more tired. Is yours?

The fibro fog is embarrasing! I used to think of myself as highly I make silly mistakes and get my cats' names mixed up.

I'm glad your neurology tests were OK.
With Compassion,
rudyandirmouse responded:
Hi mountiangal96, Linda R here and Yes ringing in the ears is so common for those of us with fibro. It was one of my first fibro symptoms, way back 30 plus years ago. I have the buzzing going on right now sadly. There are some medications out there to help with it, perhaps you PCP., ENT or Rheumy can script you something. I've just gotten used to it and don't take anything.

As for the fibro fog. OMG it's so annoying and at times embarrassing I know everyone here has had fibro forgetfulness happen at the worst of times. I know some times it can be so aggravating but at other times down right funny. I have some pretty funny stories about when I had fibro forgetfulness hit me out of the blue.

I hope that your Neurologist or Rheumy is helping you with meds or treatments and that by staying on top of it you will become less forgetful. But all of us here understand.

Keep us posted..gentle hugs, Linda R.
dakotaspirit1957 responded:
Hi Hun.... Oh the ringing... I call it screeching sometimes... It gets so loud I can't here myself think... lol... I am always asking people to repeat themselves not once but several times... They get so frustrated with me... They think I need a hearing aid... lol... I think I need a volume control... lol...

Some days I have to blast the TV and it drives everyone nuts... I am thinking of getting a headset with a long cord lol... Or a surround sound and put all the speakers on my headboard lol... Now that is an idea... Maybe that is what I will request for Christmas... Doesn't have to be an expensive or fancy one just one with enough speakers to fill my headboard with sound lol... lol... lol... Think maybe Santa will bring me one... I am a good girl... lol...

[It is very cloudy here... Dark clouds... Didn't see them before for the sun wasn't up... But it is up just enough to see them now... Wonder if we have rain in the forecast...>

I need to wake my son and grandson and start our day... So You take care hun... Hope you have a nice weekend...

Love... Jan/Dakota