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    Liver test results
    slovene54 posted:
    I've been having a lot of stomach pain and figured IBS. I have an appt with a gastronologist so I did the pre blood test and results show up online. My ast, alt and ferritin levels came back really really high. I did research online. Big mistake. Now I'm trying not to worry but I do that well. Anybody else deal with anything like this?
    angelswife responded:
    Hi slovene---I haven't, but I'm sure Booch will jump in and answer you as soon as she gets her power back on. She is good at answering questions like this---at the very least she can reassure you or tell you what to look for. Hang in there!
    booch007 responded:
    Ferritin levels is an elemental iron count......

    BECAREFUL for lead/ iron poisoning in the house and your life?

    I have never had a high ferritin come back in my carreer so I just will say look at this on google.......

    This in itself might be bothering the liver functions as the liver is cleansing you of things.........Your CBC was OK. The RBC count wasn't high? People with polycythemia can get into this pattern and have the pains of FM as well. Organs and tissue are congested........we take blood away and give meds to lower the production of RBC's in patients.

    I am not saying that is what is going on, just putting thoughts out to mull over.

    LDH was OK? the things you mention are the enzymes from the liver...aminases that work to help in function. They build up in liver compromise too and there are a handful of avenues there. We are on a computer with no contact with eachother. The GI can put this together in a heart beat.

    Abdomenal fullness? Right upper quadrant? Even a virus can give rise to these.

    UNTIL you see good things for the liver...take in NO IRON products first..becareful too with leafy greens. If able drink water with lemon in helps the liver cleanse itself (naturopathic). Eat simple no junk as your body is upset.

    Let us know what happens with this GI....all my best, Nancy B
    slovene54 replied to booch007's response:
    Thanks Nancy! I'm not sure about LDH levels but the dr called and ordered more blood tests. I asked him if I should be worried about the results and he said its because I have a fatty liver. Not to be worried. I also have a lot of pelvic pain but I have pcos so I figure that's what that is. Just feel like my body is at its wits end. I've gained 15 lbs in the last few months. No changes in my everyday routines to cause it. I really need to lose weight but so hard to get motivated. I see Dr next Friday so I'll let you know what he says.
    slovene54 replied to slovene54's response:
    Went to Dr today. He is still waiting on the blood test for hemocromotosis. but he did tell me he thinks it's just because I'm overweight and just need to lose weight. Well I kinda lost it on him at that point. Thats all I hear from the Dr.'s. yes I know I need to lose weight. But have a lot of things working against me and it isn't easy especially with my home life right now. I really lost it. Starting crying and yelling then apologizing and crying more. Ugh not fun.
    Anon_2912 replied to slovene54's response:
    I may have already asked you this, but have you been tested for H Polyri?
    slovene54 replied to Anon_2912's response:
    No I haven't. I haven't heard of that before. I'll do some research. Thanks!!
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning.....

    Geez I hate to hear that "lose weight mantra from the doctors"

    It only gives ME the impression that he has no idea.....

    Losing weight is not the answer to lifes many skinny people are sick. Yes it is not good for the joints or it is an inflammatory agent to the body...but dang. THEY use it for everything.

    (do you know that fat cells are forever...they don't leave you, they are just not can refill them at any time) read that somewhere or learned that at Weight Watchers....always ready to come back if not in good form all the time with good habits....

    Did you look up hemochomatosis? This is the opposite of iron deficiency anemia....the o2 carrying guy on the red cell needs iron to help carry oxygen around to your body and they faulter without too much iron is no good as well. Please look at what you are digesting. Vitamins vegetables, liver, red meats....these all have iron in them. CUT BACK.....

    It won't hurt for the short term til he gets you diagnosed and I am glad to hear you are reading and trying to be informed.

    So the blood count was Polycythemia in there?

    Iron too can effect this liver function studies...alot I bet in injestion and then your body utilizing it.....I can not take the weight comment though.......

    This week I saw four parients 400lbs.....they were challenged in some ways (thats why they came to the offfice but all of them were healthy in others........(I will tell you as I lost 50lbs, I folded up better BUT i didn't feel any better from this issues we deal with.) I am in a struggle now to hold it. I have made mistakes and am on the mend now to regain my losses.......hoping to be better with it soon. I am 20 lbs up. (my knees are talking to me and I really need to lose the extra...for them)

    I don't want to go into my 60's too heavy...FIT is important for the distance I want to attain. Having my weight better will help that.....

    Good luck with this and all my best, Nancy B

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