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    Fatigue means total exhastion..
    crystalgreeneyes posted:
    I seem to get a bit of an energy spurt and I go and go for a day maybe, two. Then the sheer exhaustion sets in. It's not just tired. It's dragging myself to the shower, trying to hold my arms up to dry my hair...and the worst thing of all, is not be able to just sleep. No matter how tired, exhausted, fatigued I am, I cannot sleep......without a sleeping pill and that's all I take at this time.
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Hi Crystall... The fatigue after a spurt of energy really gets to me... I don't really do much to over do it but when I feel the energy I tend not to rest and to me that is still needed... I don't necessarily need sleep just rest... Time not sitting or being up... Or doing things... Where I lie down and put my legs up and just veg... Otherwise I too get so overly tired I can't sleep... I take sleeping pills too... I don't always have trouble falling asleep it is staying asleep I can't do... I get 15 to 30 minutes and I am wide awake again... Goes that way for hours then I want to sleep thru my alarm... Not good when the alarm is set to wake others lol...

    It is hard to fight the fatigue that comes with this and I am not sure we ever really will... I find when I sleep god at night it hits harder during the day tho... I get up at 4 or 5 and I do better all day lol... I get up later and I don't want to stay awake... Sometimes I take my sleeping pill and I still don't sleep till the next day... It feels like it hits about 4 or 5 in the afternoon lol... When I can't sleep...

    What I hate about the exhaustion is I can get so bad I sleep for days... and still wake up tired... but awake lol... and that is sleeping day and night... I am about due for that for I haven't slept well for a few days again and haven't gotten much sleep during the day... I use to have Friday night to Saturday night when the kids were gone to their moms and I would just sleep... But that isn't working out now... So I just have to fight it... Not easy and sometimes it wins... Fortunately it hasn't happened often lately... I am fatigued but not falling asleep standing up like I am known to do...

    Well... I guess I didn't really have any answers for you... Just more ramblings... lol... Sorry... Hopefully they will find some help for that and share it with us soon...

    Take care hun... Love... Jan/Dakota
    xperky responded:
    I hate the ups and downs of FM. I do try to pace myself, but forget sometimes. The fatigue is perhaps my biggest complaint as it has turned my life upside down.

    Sorry you experience this fatigue. The only good thing is you did have some energy for a while!
    With Compassion,

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