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    TGIF****Roll Call ***11/2/2012 ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF***Roll Call***Here is hoping each of you will have a good low to no pain Friday....MiMi in NC...where it is least it is dry though...I know so many people are still having major issues from the storm...and looks like there is yet another one on its way...I hope and pray that it will not be too bad...not having time to recoup from this one is bad is my understanding that there are millions of people still out of power...and surrounded with so much clean up...I can not even imagine...I do hope things get better soon for those who have been affected.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our unique FM support group....I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better...check out all of the info here as this is a very good site for all sorts of good tools and tips as well as people who understand what you are facing each and every day...

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level...which is important to a lot of people these days..low Vitamin D can cause additional pain and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this Friday....

    Take care and stay safe.


    My personal exchanges are Vitamin D and Pain and Wrath of the Dragon....if you care to visit..
    angelswife responded:
    Good Morning, Mimi!
    I have a full-blown migraine, I'm flaring, and I have PT at 10:30 this morning. Should be interesting. Something must have sneaked into my diet yesterday because I usually don't get many migraines between monthlies. I will have to review what I ate.

    Last night was a nightmare...the landlord has returned and he is in full manic mode. He was driving around on his backhoe at 9pm and banging things around; then he joined a party some of the tenants were having. (They are not bad tenants but they all enjoy their pot and their end-of-the-day beer time.) By 11:00 he was completely trashed, and he started on some big project in his garage, which is right underneath our apartment. He cranked his music up to maximum volume and the entire apartment shook. It blew me right out of a sound sleep, and I was awake for the next TWO HOURS.

    He finally turned it down around 1:00 this morning, but I was pretty wired by then. Husband, being mostly deaf, slept blissfully through it all, while I tossed and turned and fretted. Even earplugs didn't help. I finally drifted back to sleep around 1:30; then Husband's alarm woke me up at 5:45. I feel like I got no sleep at all and I am flaring pretty good right now.

    We can't reason with the landlord when he's that way...when he's drunk, he turns mean and unpredictable. He does stuff like this when he's pissed about not getting his rent. It could be one person out of five that's behind; but he decides he's going to make life miserable for everyone, and he does. Fortunately he hasn't been around much, which is okay, especially since he's been on and off his meds all summer. He's a bit more unpredictable when he's not taking them like he should be.

    I need to work on getting this migraine under control...right now it's like an ice pick through the left side of my head. I think I'll be taking a nap after PT this morning. Hope everyone has a good day.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Friday to all. I hope your yesterday was good and that your today is even better. I also hope that your day was fibro issue and pain free and that today is as well.

    It's cold here, but will warm up to mid 60's or so by mid day. Rain and another cool down on the way tho. The look of Fall is everywhere now. The tress are getting bare and some lawns are going dormant already. I am going to be very depressed soon. I hate winter!

    I felt pretty darn good yesterday. Almost fibro issue and pain free. Rare and pretty nice when that happens. No body aches, no fog, no painful skin or balance issues, so DH and I ran errands all day yesterday. I got a lot of things done I had put off doing. So, for me, a good day over all. I got DH to put up a wine glass rack in one of my kitchen cupboards. I had a box of lovely wine glasses, different sizes and shapes, just wasting away up in the attic that had belonged to my grandmother, my father, some DH and DD bought over the years. I wanted to bring them down and put them in my kitchen. My kitchen cupboards didn't have a wine glass rack, so thought why not just get a rack? I found a lovely wire rack at Bed, Bath and Beyond for a few dollars and now I have those lovely glasses where I can see them and use them if I wanted to.

    For those effected by Sand I do hope that the towns that were so hard hit by Sandy have received some and that relief is there in the way of gas and electricity. It so painful to see how much suffering is going on there now. I gave a check to the Red Cross two days ago and will be writing another check or two for the relief efforts. Local churches are collecting canned good and clothes so will also sort through things today and drop them off tomorrow. Wish I could do more.

    Lou: I will be serving Thanksgiving meals for the seniors two Tuesdays from, now but will not be cooking for them. I had wanted to serve meals at one of our local shelters or churches on Thanksgiving, but I will be with family in Nashville. So I will write a check(s) to help pay for the food they serve. And I have offered to donate food(s) in the past but the churches and shelters here have said they get weekly donations from the local markets. So money is what they said they could use, so a check it is.

    DH mulched up the leaves on the front and back lawns yesterday after we got back that had come off the trees from the wind we've had from Sandy. The wind blew leaves from one yard to the next so we had piles of them when the wind finally let up. DH uses his lawn tractor with a mulching blade so when he was done the lawns looked pre windy days.

    I am getting excited now that DD and family are heading here from Hawaii. They will be here on the 21ST and 22ND and it will be wonderful for DH and I to have all three DD's and all 6 grand children together. We all got together on Memorial day at DisneyWorld but some of the GC were sick, DH and I had colds and everyone was busy @ one park or another. So not a great gettogether. So to have then here for Thanksgiving, not busy with other things, will be wonderful. It really makes my heart happy.

    I guess i should get up and get some things done today. The sun is up now so I guess I should be as well. Have a great day everyone!

    Gentle hugs to all, Linda R.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning, I woke up my usual 5:20 for work, but I took the day off. They need my skills in my old department for the weekend. Two employees have been fired in a week on the same crew. In my 20 years there I don't think I have seen that before. Both were at fault, but I feel bad for them in a sense, it is hard to find a good paying job here. So instead of working 12 days in a row, I asked for today off before I work 12s the nest two. There is no way I can work straight through like that anymore. It will be a challenge as is, but make for a nice check.

    My flare is not gone, but still leveled off. I am greatful for that. I had to cancell my massage appt. so I hope it doesn't bite me later.

    It is cold here, but we are fortunate. I have been counting my blessings. I have a lot less to worry about than so many other poeple right now. I am greatfull for my job and a safe place to live. My heart goes out to those out east.

    I see controversy on tv right now about the NYC marathon. They are going ahead with it and using valuable resources to get it done, that could be better utilized to those in need. Kind of a no-brainer to me. Take care of your people first, the run can wait.

    I hope you all have wonderful day, take care gang.

    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    Good morning all... And top of the Friday to you... I am up earlier then the alarm again and enjoying the peace and quiet... Even the neighborhood dogs are still quiet... Which is odd... lol...

    I found a little Christmas bucket they found spring cleaning and I want to be like the stores... I want to put up Christmas.. I know way too early... lol... But this year just seems to be flying by so fast I feel I might miss it... lol... Part of me wants it to come and go real fast for my dear husband died on the 26th of Dec. last year and I don't look forward to that day at all... But we were married on Christmas so that ought to be a fun one too... I don't know something tells me that the soonest and more I celebrate Christmas this year the better... I can also celebrate his release from his terrible chronic pain and intense illness... His being at peace and being my special angel... But I am sure I will mourn him and cry too... For even tho I know his love is still with me I still miss him so...

    Oh... Anyway... I have this sudden urge to get out my little tree... change my clean but not vacuumed room around... With someone else doing the work lol... and putting up some pretty lights and garland to light up my room at night... And go find this years Christmas angel...

    I bought an angel last yr and was given one... Plugged them in and they haven't been unplugged since... Still going strong... What a blessing they have been all year... Sometimes when I was really hurting bad and badly ill I swear they got brighter... Always a constant reminder I am not alone...

    Oh here I am on my soapbox again... Just listen to me... I bet I bore you all silly... Or you think I am just one crazy nut... Wanting to put Christmas up in the beginning of November lol... I am so silly...

    It is so nice to have someone to talk to tho... If I told my family... friends... or dr's here what I just told you... they would probably want to increase my meds lol... Or watch me closely lol...

    I hope you all are looking forward to a peaceful and nice weekend... I think the kids are home with me this weekend... Mom is fighting with welfare again... She got called in again.... This time they supposedly want to talk to us... I don't know why they would talk to me... but she is begging me not to tell them about her using that legal pot... I told her the best I can do is say she did but I don't know if she is anymore... She isn't happy with that... Oh well.. Don't ask me to lie...

    Anyway... I downloaded a couple of games on my computer that they can play and Dad rented a couple of kids movies.... We should be content... Only problem being she may talk my son into letting her come over here... And he doesn't want her alone with the kids so I would be supervising... I hope I am up to it... The stress of just having her around gets to me... Yet alone being the one looking at her... last time she was here I got sick with FM and Parkinson's and they didn't let up until she was gone for over a day... I know I shouldn't let her get to me... But what she does and says to the kids... Just gets to me...

    I am on my soapbox again... You poor guys... I wouldn't send this but I wrote it for some reason lol... And getting it out feels good... I hope you don't think ill of me...

    Have a good weekend... Thanks for being here and for listening...

    Get better Sharon... Migraines are no fun... Linda and Mimi sounds like you have a wonderful Thanksgiving ahead of you... Enjoy and be blessed...

    Take care... Jan/Dakota
    teelady1 responded:
    Good morning! Happy Friday!

    I haven't figured out whether the weather changing has caused a flair or something else - but I have had very poor sleep this week. Lots of muscle tension and pain keeping me from sleep. The muscle relaxant doesn't seem to be working as well lately.

    I needed to go see my Dr later this month for a follow-up appt. Decided to go earlier and made an appt for this morning. We'll see what he thinks.

    I'm glad I don't have much planned for the weekend so I can take it easy and start getting ready for my vacation. I leave on 11/11 for Florida!

    Wishing everyone a low pain or no pain day - and good sleep at night!
    katmandulou responded:
    TGIF - where has this year gone?!?!?!?!

    Today is a typical cool and crisp fall New England day. DH is working from home, his usual Friday schedule, and I have training this afternoon for the New Retail Job. It'll be good to have income, not just outflow!

    This area is still reeling from the Storm Named Sandy. Houses in Rhode Island were blown off their foundations, some making it out and into the water, never to be seen again. The local TV stations keep showing people who are let back into their neighborhoods, crying when they see their home isn't there. We lost a few branches, never lost out power, and we are grateful, too.

    I wonder if the colder weather, plus the Storm Named Sandy, is why so many of us are hurting today. The stress of looking for a job, and agreeing to the wrong one, has made me sore, with muscle spasms around my neck and upper back. I'm having muscle spasms in my left upper arm too, the biceps and triceps hurt like crazy! I'm trying some IcyHot, and other than smelling like wintergreen it's feeling better.

    DH went to the Y for a workout this morning, and he ran into a friend of ours. DH mentioned that the Town will see something that happens very rarely next week on Election Day - I'l be up and out before sunrise. I'm legendarily not a morning person, and getting to the high school at 6:30am will be tough. I'm packing water, snacks and knitting for breaks and slow times (like there will be slow times!).

    angelswife, I wonder if you talk to your landlord when he's sober, and tell him how bad it is for you when he decides to make noise, will help your cause.

    Linda, I too hate winter. I always say at least I can put another sweater on, when I get cold, but the lack of sun really affects my mood. I'm still working on getting outside every day, getting some natural Vitamin D. I hope serving the dinner will satisfy your desire to help. Travelling and baking don't really mix well!

    Cory, the marathon controversy is big news here too. Police support is paid for by the organizers of the race, and they usually get officers who aren't scheduled for 'regular' shifts to cover it. The race is one in a series that ends up with people qualifying for the Olympics, so it's important in that respect. I'm afraid there's no good answer for anyone.

    Jan, you are surely not alone. Your DH is watching from above, and you have your FMily here. I know this Christmas will be hard to get through, but you will. You can always stop by for a talk.

    I say the weather is why we're feeling crummy. I'm gonna go put on another sweater. I wish you all the best day - and the best weekend - you can possibly have!
    fibroinsd responded:
    Afternoon all...good to see you all here...well, except for Nancy B...hope she gets some power soon !

    I had a day off work...non-student day means they didn't have anything for me to do, and suggested I take a day of vacation. I hate to use up vacation for this..but oh well...I made the best of it..

    If any of you remember Roz..well, she recently moved to San Diego, and I got a hold of her and met her for breakfast this morning..So far, I have met Sharon, Erin (and Maggie)..and now Roz...It is funny..even though we have known each other on seems awkward at first to meet some of these people..but also kind of fun..

    Then I was off to get some errands done..and get my hair cut..and now home, and I am tired...I haven't gotten the exercise I should have this week...and I can tell the difference..I will spend tomorrow taking care of mom and dad..but hopefully get some exercise in also..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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